Oracle Sun Microsystems® Server & StorageTek® Storage Support

As a global provider of industry leading multi-vendor support services, CDS is uniquely positioned to deliver the post warranty Sun Microsystems support your business needs to maintain internal operational standards. Even when your devices have reached post warranty or EOSL status, your Oracle Sun Microsystems solutions continue to serve your business needs.

CDS will ensure that your servers operate in peak condition by delivering responsive, proactive support and maintenance for your Oracle Sun Microsystems and StorageTek support. And with a multi-million dollar part inventory at our disposal, CDS can supply OEM-approved spares for your Oracle systems anywhere in the world.

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Flexible Support Levels For Your Oracle Sun Devices

Choose the level of support that fits your data center:

  • Sun Server Maintenance Services

    CDS provide proactive support and maintenance for a range of post-warranty equipment from Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Whether you want to keep storage assets in place for longer, or to redeploy unused legacy assets to increase capacity, CDS engineers are able to assist. 

  • StorageTek Maintenance Services

    Tape remains a crucial aspect of enterprise cold data storage. CDS provide support, maintenance services and spare parts services for your legacy StorageTek tape drives and autoloaders.

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CDS can assume responsibility for keeping your post warranty storage systems running in peak condition. Our Oracle Sun Microsystems support services include:

  • Full hardware support for Sun Classic SPARC and Ultra servers (plus many more)
  • Round-the-clock automated proactive monitoring ensures that your Sun Microsystems server products are working at all times
  • Technical support and advice from our team of OEM-trained Level 3 engineers
  • Completely customizable service agreements and SLAs according to your needs, from next business day to 4-hours onsite
  • Competitively priced support services extend asset lifespan and deliver a greater return on investment
  • A worldwide network of trusted CDS Level 3 field engineers deliver Oracle Sun Microsystems support on any of your sites

Oracle Sun Microsystems 3rd party maintenance services are designed to exceed your expectations

Most important of all though is the CDS commitment to delivering programs that exceed standard 3rd party maintenance agreements:

  • Industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.
  • All support calls are answered and resolved by Level 3 engineers, minimizing the time to fix of any issue
  • A superior strategy for delivering OEM approved parts to site means that system downtime is reduced to the bare minimum
  • CDS operate multi-vendor agreements expanding the range of hardware we can support in your heterogeneous environment

When partnering with CDS, you will receive an Oracle Sun Microsystems maintenance service that resolves issues more quickly and efficiently than you may have thought possible.

CDS Sun Microsystems consulting services

As well as supporting and maintaining your Oracle Sun Microsystems server solutions, CDS work hard to reduce your operational costs and boost ROI:

  • Helping you better plan future investments with cost reduction modeling in hardware environments
  • Calculating required processing power improvements needed to build a system capable of meeting strategic goals
  • Planning expanded storage needs to cope with future demand
  • Consolidating hardware (with or without application consolidation drivers) to further reduce operational costs
  • Advising on emerging technologies and how they may fit into your IT strategy

CDS offer a complete package of support, maintenance and consultancy for all your post-warranty Oracle Sun and StorageTek assets.

Need help with your post-warranty Oracle storage systems now? Please give us a call.

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Supported Sun and StorageTek ModelsWe try to keep this list up to date - please contact us if you can't see your model listed here

Product LineModels
  • SL3000
  • SL500
  • SL8500
StorageTek L Series
  • L1400
  • L180
  • L20
  • L40
  • L700
  • L700e
  • L80
StorageTek PowderHorn
  • 9310
  • 9311
  • 9330
StorageTek Timberwolf
  • 9710
  • 9714
  • 9730
  • 9738
Sun Blade Servers
  • Sun Blade 100
  • Sun Blade 1000
  • Sun Blade 150
  • Sun Blade 1500
  • Sun Blade 2000
  • Sun Blade 2500
  • Sun Blade T6300/T6320
  • Sun Blade T6340
  • Sun Blade X6220/X6240
  • Sun Blade X6250
  • Sun Blade X6270
  • Sun Blade X6270 M2
  • Sun Blade X6275 M2
Sun Classic SPARC
  • Sun SPARC 1 (4/60)
  • Sun SPARC 1+ (4/65)
  • Sun SPARC 10
  • Sun SPARC 1000/E
  • Sun SPARC 2 (4/75)
  • Sun SPARC 20
  • Sun SPARC 2000/E
  • Sun SPARC 5
  • Sun SPARC IPC (4/40)
  • Sun SPARC IPX (4/50)
Sun Classic Ultra Servers
  • Sun Ultra 1
  • Sun Ultra 10
  • Sun Ultra 2
  • Sun Ultra 20/25
  • Sun Ultra 30
  • Sun Ultra 40/45
  • Sun Ultra 5
  • Sun Ultra 60
  • Sun Ultra 80
Sun Enterprise Servers
  • Sun Enterprise 10000
  • Sun Enterprise 220R/420R
  • Sun Enterprise 250/450
  • Sun Enterprise E3000
  • Sun Enterprise E3500
  • Sun Enterprise E4000
  • Sun Enterprise E4500
  • Sun Enterprise E5000
  • Sun Enterprise E5500
  • Sun Enterprise E6000
  • Sun Enterprise E6500
Sun Fire Servers
  • Sun Fire 12K
  • Sun Fire 15K
  • Sun Fire 20K
  • Sun Fire 25K
  • Sun Fire 280R
  • Sun Fire 3800
  • Sun Fire 4800
  • Sun Fire 4810
  • Sun Fire 4900
  • Sun Fire 6800
  • Sun Fire 6900
  • Sun Fire E2900
Sun Fire T Servers
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440
  • Sun SPARC T3-1/T3-2/T3-4
  • Sun SPARC T4-1/T4-2/T4-4
Sun Fire V Servers
  • Sun Fire V100
  • Sun Fire V120/V125
  • Sun Fire V1280/V1290
  • Sun Fire V210/V215
  • Sun Fire V240/V245
  • Sun Fire V440/V445
  • Sun Fire V480/V490
  • Sun Fire V60x
  • Sun Fire V65x
  • Sun Fire V880/V890
Sun Fire X Servers
  • Sun Fire X2100
  • Sun Fire X2100 M2
  • Sun Fire X2200
  • Sun Fire X2250
  • Sun Fire X2270
  • Sun Fire X2270 M2
  • Sun Fire X4100
  • Sun Fire X4100 M2
  • Sun Fire X4140
  • Sun Fire X4150
  • Sun Fire X4170
  • Sun Fire X4170 M2
  • Sun Fire X4200
  • Sun Fire X4200 M2
  • Sun Fire X4240
  • Sun Fire X4250
  • Sun Fire X4270
  • Sun Fire X4270 M2
  • Sun Fire X4275
  • Sun Fire X4440
  • Sun Fire X4450
  • Sun Fire X4470
  • Sun Fire X4500
  • Sun Fire X4540
  • Sun Fire X4600
  • Sun Fire X4640
Sun Netra Servers
  • Sun Netra 120
  • Sun Netra 1280/1290
  • Sun Netra 1290
  • Sun Netra 20
  • Sun Netra 210
  • Sun Netra 240
  • Sun Netra T 1100
  • Sun Netra T 1120/T 1125
  • Sun Netra T 1400/T 1405
  • Sun Netra T1 100/T1 105
  • Sun Netra T1 AC200
  • Sun Netra T1 DC200
  • Sun Netra T5220
  • Sun Netra X1
Sun SPARC Enterprise M Servers
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000
Sun StorEdge Arrays
  • Sun Storage J4200
  • Sun Storage J4400
  • Sun Storage J4500
  • Sun StorageTek 2510
  • Sun StorageTek 2530
  • Sun StorageTek 2540
  • Sun StorageTek 6140
  • Sun StorageTek 6540
  • Sun StorEdge 3120
  • Sun StorEdge 3310
  • Sun StorEdge 3320
  • Sun StorEdge 3510 FC
  • Sun StorEdge 3511 FC
  • Sun StorEdge 3910
  • Sun StorEdge 6020/6120
  • Sun StorEdge 6130
  • Sun StorEdge 6130
  • Sun StorEdge 6320
  • Sun StorEdge 6910
  • Sun StorEdge 6920
  • Sun StorEdge 9970/9980
  • Sun StorEdge 9985
  • Sun StorEdge 9990
  • Sun StorEdge A1000
  • Sun StorEdge A3500
  • Sun StorEdge A5000
  • Sun StorEdge A5100
  • Sun StorEdge A5200
  • Sun StorEdge D1000
  • Sun StorEdge D2
  • Sun StorEdge D240
  • Sun StorEdge S1
  • Sun StorEdge T3


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