CDS is a specialist provider of enterprise level data center system expertise, maintenance and support.

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Defer an unwanted
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Cut data center costs
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Get the competitive advantage and learn from the storage mistakes others are making.

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Multi-vendor, multi-platform,
multi-system, single point of contact

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What really happens if you don't follow
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EOSL does not mean end of life.

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Multi-vendor maintenance and support covering:

News Update

Gold server with spinning disk

Do You Own a €20 Million Hard Disk Drive?

Businesses are still disposing of old hard drives incorrectly, risking massive fines in the process.

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Heartbeat line turns into a server

Predicting the Death of Magnetic Hard Disk Drives

Just how much longer does the humble hard drive really have?

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Two men handing over keys to a house made out of servers

Will This New Service Help You Build an Income From Redundant Hardware?

A new start-up aims to let businesses and consumers rent out unused data storage like Airbnb.

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