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CDS have many years experience of providing OEM-class NetApp® storage support to enterprise organizations looking to extend the lifespan of their storage systems. 

Our engineers deliver NetApp third party maintenance of the highest standard, keeping critical storage systems on line, and dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

NetApp third party storage support services from CDS also cover equipment that has reached manufacturer End of Life, delivering continuous return on investment for many years beyond EOL. We support several NetApp product families, including N-series, FAS-series, Filer and NearStore systems – and the networking fabric that connects them.

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Third party support provisions for your NetApp storage

Choosing to partner with CDS for NetApp storage support ensures you get the same level of service you would expect from your OEM at a fraction of the cost:

  • Direct access to OEM-qualified Level 3 engineers 7x24 to address any technical issue
  • A choice of SLAs to meet the specific needs of your organization, from next business day (NBD) to 4-hour onsite
  • 7x24 proactive monitoring to identify and rectify potential issues and failing components early
  • Unlimited service calls included with every NetApp third party maintenance agreement
  • Original NetApp replacement parts for all support storage systems delivered and fitted on site by our experienced engineers
  • Hardware upgrade services to help fulfill your expansion plans and control costs
  • Support for the Fiber Channel (FC), FCoE and iSCSI connections that connect storage to the network.

Lowering NetApp storage support costs

When NetApp disk arrays and storage systems reach EOL, your business will be advised to upgrade immediately, even if everything continues to function perfectly. Some product lines, like the NetApp NearStore range, may be cancelled completely.

CDS offer your business a cost-effective solution – a third party support agreement for your NetApp storage that covers post warranty and end-of-life equipment, thereby extending its lifespan.

Using a third party support contract, CDS customers have realized savings of up to 50% on the equivalent service from NetApp, creating an even greater return on initial hardware investment. Those businesses using end-of-life Filer and N-series equipment will achieve an even greater return on investment.

A storage support contract with CDS allows you to keep using equipment for as long as it continues to deliver the service your business needs, allowing you to divert funds to other strategic projects. Or to better plan your next NetApp upgrade.

NetApp third party maintenance – the CDS difference

CDS continues to exceed the expectations of our customers with:

  • Direct access to qualified and experienced Level 3 engineers simplifying the support process and shortening the time to fix
  • A single point of contact for every technical support call – the engineer answering your call will be the engineer who resolves the issue
  • Instant replacement hardware authorization – empowered engineers can green-light spare part swaps whenever needed, reducing downtime caused by bureaucracy
  • Market leading call resolution times

Third party NetApp support from CDS is not only cost-effective, but could deliver a whole new level of service to keep your business running smoothly. And with coverage for end-of-life NearStore, N-series and FAS-series storage, that stability can be maintained for even longer.


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Contact us today to learn more about third party NetApp storage support and the specific savings and benefits available by partnering with us.

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