Dell EMC Data Domain® Storage Maintenance

In an age of accelerating data growth, de-duplication is an essential tool for maximizing capacity. The Dell EMC Data Domain appliance is an essential part of your storage management infrastructure.

As the world’s leading provider of third party hardware support for post-warranty Dell EMC systems, CDS is your ideal maintenance partner. Our team of OEM-trained engineers have been troubleshooting, maintaining and supporting Dell EMC systems for 20+ years.

Our expert services ensure that your systems operate optimally, and uptime is maximized.

Break free from the OEM refresh cycle

By choosing to partner with CDS for Dell EMC Data Domain maintenance and support, your business will benefit from:

  • World-class support with Industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.
  • Direct access to Level 3 engineers at every stage of the support process, from helpdesk through to issue resolution.
  • 7x24 proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance to maximize uptime and performance of your Data Domain appliances.
  • Our multi-million dollar spare inventory, offering OEM-approved parts for every Data Domain unit you own. We can even have spares shipped to any of your global sites in as little as two hours (subject to SLAs and contract terms).
  • Post-warranty support and maintenance services, allowing you to increase return on Data Domain investment indefinitely.
  • The experience and knowledge of our highly skilled engineers, relieving the administrative burden on your in-house team.

As a provider of vendor-agnostic support services, CDS frees your business from the rigid demands of your OEM. By choosing a third party provider for your Data Domain de-duplication appliances, you can build a storage platform tailored to the specific needs – and budget – of your organisation. You can also rely on CDS to provide the highest levels of support for your Data Domain assets without the usual OEM political problems that manifest in a mixed-vendor environment.

Supported Dell EMC Data Domain ModelsWe try to keep this list up to date - please contact us if you can't see your model listed here

Product LineModels
Data Domain
  • DD120
  • DD140
  • DD160
  • DD200
  • DD2200
  • DD2500
  • DD410
  • DD4200
  • DD430
  • DD4500
  • DD460
  • DD460g
  • DD510
  • DD530
  • DD560
  • DD560g
  • DD565
  • DD580
  • DD580g
  • DD610
  • DD620
  • DD630
  • DD640
  • DD660
  • DD670
  • DD690
  • DD690g
  • DD7200
  • DD860
  • DD880
  • DD880g
  • DD890
  • DD9500
  • DD990
  • DS60
  • DS60-3TB SAS
  • DS60-4TB SAS
  • ES20
  • ES30
  • ES30-45 SAS
  • ES30-45 SATA
  • ES30-60 SAS

Contact us today to learn more about our Dell EMC Data Domain support and maintenance services, and how they can help you regain complete control of your data center.

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