Dell EMC Centera® Storage Maintenance

As the data storage demands placed on your business increase, archiving is becoming a mission-critical requirement. 

Ensuring your Dell EMC Centera platform operates optimally is extremely important – so you have archive data available for analysis and compliance purposes.

CDS are the world’s largest provider of third party maintenance services for Dell EMC systems, including Centera. Our OEM-trained Level 3 engineers have over 20 years experience in the sector. Technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.

Our Centera maintenance contracts cover both Centera layer, and the underlying storage infrastructure.

When you partner with CDS for Centera support, you can expect:

  • Highly skilled Level 3 engineers available 7x24 to log, manage and complete every incoming support call.
  • On-going support and maintenance for your Centera environment, even after Dell EMC withdraw official support.
  • Reduced maintenance contract and operating costs, boosted by an improved return on investment for equipment kept in place after extended OEM support ends.
  • Improved system availability and performance thanks to our proactive monitoring and pre-emptive maintenance routines.
  • Guaranteed access to OEM-approved spares for every supported Centera system from our multi-million global parts inventory.
  • Delivery of parts to any data center in the world in as little as 2 hours ((subject to SLAs and contract terms)).
  • OEM-class support built on industry best practice, and the extensive knowledge and experience of our engineers.

CDS provide support and maintenance for much of the Dell EMC technology stack beyond Centera and archiving. And as a vendor agnostic supplier, we can provide non-partisan advice that will help you build the heterogeneous archiving structure your business needs to cope with escalating storage demands.

Supported Dell EMC Centera ModelsWe try to keep this list up to date - please contact us if you can't see your model listed here

Product LineModels
  • Centera Generation 1
  • Centera Generation 2
  • Centera Generation 3
  • Centera Generation 4 1.2 TB
  • Centera Generation 4 2.0 TB
  • Centera Generation 4 LP 3 TB
  • Centera Generation 4 LP 4 TB
  • Centera Generation 4 LP 8 TB
  • Centera Generation 4 LP 12 TB

Call CDS today to learn more about extending the life of your Centera archive, and how your business can thrive without a costly hardware refresh.

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