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Decommissioning & Secure Data Deletion

The primary focus of any migration project is the target platform, but your business must still deal with the older systems being replaced. 

By partnering with CDS, we can arrange to support and maintain your post warranty equipment throughout the migration and decommissioning process.


Once migration has completed, our engineers can arrange for the safe and secure decommissioning of storage arrays and SANs. You also have the option to take advantage of our post warranty support services, allowing the older hardware to remain in place and fully operational for as long as you need.

Our decommissioning team can also provide advice about redeploying decommissioned hardware, preparing redundant arrays for reuse in a software defined storage environment for instance. Or if more appropriate, we can arrange for safe disposal or recycling of unused equipment, freeing up space in your data center.

Decommissioning services from CDS:

  • Allow you to run post-warranty storage in parallel with new equipment following successful migration.
  • Provide additional redeployment options – including using existing equipment in an SDS layer.
  • Ensure power-down preparation is completed before equipment is finally removed.
  • Frees up additional space in your data centers.

Secure Data Deletion

Once your storage arrays have been fully decommissioned and are no longer required, CDS can arrange to have all remaining data securely deleted.

The process is completely irreversible, and your data is never exposed to any third party during deletion. We can also arrange for physical destruction of disk platters if they are not to be reused.

Secure data deletion services from CDS allow your business to remain with local and international data protection laws. We help you to avoid significant fines and damage to your brand reputation be preventing recovery of sensitive data and IP.

Secure data deletion services from CDS are:

  • Fully-flexible – wipe data and re-use drives, or arrange for physical destruction according to your data protection policies.
  • Fully compliant with national and international data protection regulations.
  • Irreversible – once the data is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Decommissioning and secure data deletion services from CDS ensure your data is protected at every stage of the end-of-life process.


"CDS deployment of services was exceptionally executed, process engineers from both Unisys and CDS worked together to create processes and procedures ensuring a smooth running operation."

Joanne, Global Technology Company (Director of Infrastructure Support Services)

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