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Storage Hardware Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential to extending the lifespan of storage hardware, and to improving performance. And when performed correctly, the end of OEM support does not mean you must instantly initiate a comprehensive replacement program.

CDS provide comprehensive, vendor-agnostic storage hardware maintenance plans to protect and optimize arrays from a range of OEMs. Our fully-certified engineers use a range of CDS proprietary and vendor-approved tools and techniques to maximize uptime and performance – even after your OEM warranty has expired, or the unit has reached official end of service life (EoSL).

Outsourcing storage hardware maintenance duties to CDS frees up your own internal technical team to focus on other strategic IT projects. And despite providing a 7/24/365 monitoring and maintenance service that rivals that of your OEM, CDS can save your business between 40% and 70% on support costs without any reduction in quality.

By partnering with CDS for storage hardware maintenance services, your business will benefit from:

  • A single point of contact for all your storage hardware support requirements – regardless of vendor.
  • OEM-class support for all storage hardware, including legacy equipment declared EoSL.
  • A significant reduction in support and maintenance costs – up to 70% on OEM equivalent contracts.
  • An improved ROI on storage hardware investments by extending usable lifespans.
  • Access to a multi-million dollar spare part inventory, guaranteeing access to the components you need – including obsolete technologies.

And the value will only continue to grow over the course of your storage hardware maintenance contract with CDS.

Complete storage hardware maintenance and support with flexible SLAs

Reduced array downtime

Round the clock proactive monitoring and maintenance means that CDS engineers are often able to fix storage problems before your team even becomes aware there is an issue. And if a failure is imminent, our global network of support engineers is on hand to carry out local repairs and hardware swaps – often in as little as four hours.

Our team will also take proactive steps to improve performance, ensuring that you realize the maximum value from all of your support storage assets.

Improved storage hardware returns

By extending the usable lifespan beyond official EoSL, CDS can help your business maximize the overall return on your capital spend. CDS provide specialist post-warranty storage support and maintenance for arrays from industry-leading vendors including EMC, NetApp, HDS and StorageTek (among others).

Our storage hardware maintenance support plans can help you get another three to five years use out of post-warranty hardware, generating significant cost savings that can be invested in other strategic IT projects.

Greater storage efficiency

Routine health checks carried out by CDS engineers allow us to identify and rectify potential problems before they can affect performance. More importantly still, our OEM-qualified engineers complete maintenance and optimization tasks according to best-practice schedules, ensuring everything continues to operate optimally.

And wherever possible, we’ll try and push performance above the levels you have become accustomed to, delivering even greater benefits.


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