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Server Maintenance

Protecting your servers against hardware failure is an essential step towards improving resilience and availability. But the end of OEM support does not automatically signal the demise of your existing server hardware investments.

CDS provide comprehensive, vendor-agnostic server support and maintenance services to protect server hardware from a range of OEMs. Using vendor certified tools, techniques and routines, CDS ensures that your servers continue to operate at peak performance - even after the OEM warranty has expired and vendors have declared them EoSL.

And by outsourcing your server support and maintenance routines to CDS, the internal technical team is able to concentrate on other strategic IT projects. In the meantime OEM-certified CDS consultants will proactively monitor and repair problems to maximize system uptime and enable uninterrupted access to corporate data.

The CDS team is made up entirely of vendor certified engineers and consultants who have extensive real-world experience of managing, maintaining and supporting enterprise-class server hardware from the industry leading OEMs.

By partnering with CDS for server support and maintenance services, you can expect to benefit from:

  • A vendor-agnostic approach that allows us to provide hardware support for any and all server equipment regardless of which OEMs are involved.
  • A single point of contact for server support, simplifying the recovery process in the event of a disaster or outage.
  • Extended server hardware lifespans that offer a greater return on investment.
  • Access to our extensive spares inventory, guaranteeing we always have the part you need in stock.

Over time server support services from CDS will continue to deliver added value.

Reduced server downtime

Proactive 7x24 server monitoring allows our experienced engineers to identify and resolve problems long before they result in a system outage. And if a hardware failure is imminent, our team can arrange for spares to be delivered and fitted in as little as four hours so that your business can return to full operating capacity as quickly as possible.

Improved hardware returns

The longer your systems remain online and in use, the greater the return on your original investment. CDS provide specialist post-warranty server support and maintenance services for a wide range of devices, and our OEM certified consultants have many years of experience managing equipment from vendors including IBM, HP, Dell, and Sun.

By adding another three to five years to your server’s usable lifespan, CDS can help your business realize significant cost savings that can be invested elsewhere in the business.

Greater systems efficiency

As well as carrying out maintenance according to the OEM’s guidelines, CDS engineers can optimize server operations to boost performance and efficiency. Using their extensive experience, CDS engineers work hard to identify and resolve issues long before they result in a drop in performance or system outage.


"Since 2002 CDS has provided dependable 7x24 IT maintenance services to Softchoice. We have been very satisfied and impressed with the quality & level of support delivered by the CDS team in support of our EMC Storage, HP Storage and Servers. I highly recommend CDS for their ease of doing business, professionalism, knowledge and reliability."

Lester Moniz, Softchoice Corporation (Manager, IT Infrastructure)

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