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Data Center Parts & Logistics

Failed components may result in system downtime. Choosing a reliable support partner who is able to source and fit data center parts quickly and efficiently is therefore essential to reduce hardware downtime.

CDS have mastered the art of data center logistics, ensuring your business has the spare parts you need in as little as two hours.

OEM parts

CDS only ever specify and replace OEM-approved spare parts, with the correct rev level to ensure maximum compatibility and protecting future OEM vendor support if and where appropriate. CDS also carry a full inventory of parts to keep older equipment running in good-as-new condition.

Localized parts distribution network

To make certain that spare data center parts are delivered as quickly as possible, CDS has honed a series of best practices and processes to fulfill hardware replacement orders. A central distribution centre stores OEM-approved spares for every storage system supported by CDS. This is then used to stock and supply smaller, localized spare parts centers and metro stores located closer to your sites. 

Our approach to data center logistics means that we can deliver the required spare parts to your site within the SLAs agreed in your service contract, ready to meet the engineer who will fit them.

Predictive failure stocks

To accurately predict potential hardware failures, CDS operates four in-house labs, used for failure testing or problem recreation of supported devices. Using this knowledge, CDS inventory is built so that we always have the parts you are most likely to need. We also monitor the systems of all of our clients to identify wider failure trends that allow us to better manage stock levels

Flexible replacement part sourcing options

CDS offer a range of replacement part support options according to your business priorities. We offer 2 hour, 4 hour and next business day (NBD) response times with the option to customize response times further for businesses located in-radius. Our engineers and spares will both arrive onsite within the contracted timeframes ready for instant installation. We also provide a late cut off for NBD deliveries, to keep outages and downtime to the bare minimum.

With a worldwide intelligent logistics system in place, CDS is your ultimate partner for spare parts provision. Partnering with CDS gives you a single point of contact for all regional, national and global spare parts requirements. 


"Since CDS took over maintenance we have not experienced any outages or intrusions – they have kept everything running in perfect order. This level of service coupled with a more than agreeable price has saved the US taxpayer a small fortune."

Charlie Tang, FAA (Contracting Officer)

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