We expose the top 3 OEM Secrets that they would rather you didn't know.

OEM Secrets Exposed

Despite demand for storage capacity increasing year-on-year, growth in sales of physical on-site systems is static (or even declining). As a result, selling systems and associated services has become particularly cut throat in recent years. Unfortunately, this means that OEM account managers may not give you the full story – here we expose the top 3 OEM Secrets that they would rather you didn’t know.

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OEM Secret #1: You don’t need to upgrade or renew your contract.

OEMs make a large proportion of their annual income through maintenance contracts. It’s no surprise then that your account manager will pull out all the stops to renew it.

They won’t tell you there are third party providers that are just as good as the OEMs and you’re under no obligation at all to purchase it from them. In fact you can make annual savings of up to 50% and extend the lifespan of your servers and disk arrays well beyond the official end of service life.

OEM Secret #2: Servers are built to fail.

A way they simplify server building and to reduce overall cost, OEMs assemble hardware as components become available. Typically this means that the hard drives fitted to an array come from the same batch. This becomes a problem when any manufacturing defects are then replicated across the entire system - with the potential for creating catastrophic system failure.

CDS offer a viable solution to these design failings. We maintain a multi-million dollar inventory of OEM approved spares ready to replace a failed part - just like your OEM but at a fraction of the cost.

OEM Secret #3: The chances are you won’t receive ANY feature updates.

When some OEM contracts expire, you will receive a warning from your account manager that automatic updates will end.

Because of the disruption caused by software feature updates, many CTO’s avoid installing them. As a result many of the updates included in your maintenance contract are ignored, never to be installed. So arguing that you need to renew OEM contracts to access feature updates makes no sense at all.

If you want to reduce your operating cost by cancelling over-priced OEM maintenance contracts the threat is nowhere near as frightening as it sounds. CDS can then provide enterprise level third party maintenance at a fraction of the costs.

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