Cut data center costs - not quality.

Paying for data center support you don't need?

Top quality storage maintenance doesn’t have to cost top dollar.

Cutting costs used to mean sacrificing quality of service – an unacceptable compromise for the data-driven business. But demands for cost control create an impossible dilemma for the CTO.

CDS can help. Our OEM-equivalent maintenance services have been shown to cut data center costs by as much as 50%. And we still offer the same speedy, reliable and efficient quality of service that your business needs.

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Lower maintenance costs

CDS maintenance contracts are typically 50% lower than the OEM equivalent, creating immediate savings. With a fully customizable range of SLAs and contract terms, your business never pays more than it has to. And you always have exactly the right level of support.

CDS provide multi-vendor maintenance services supporting storage hardware from a broad range of vendors including Dell EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, HPE, Cisco, IBM and more. You can consolidate maintenance providers and contracts to a single vendor – CDS – to create even greater savings.

Increase ROI

By partnering with CDS you can keep your older storage systems in play for longer. For us, end of Service Life does not mean end-of-life. We offer the same comprehensive support services for post-warranty assets, adding another 3 to 5 years to the lifespan of your most stable, reliable storage systems.

Avoiding unnecessary and unwanted upgrades allows you to make the most of your assets, squeezing additional ROI from existing equipment. And reducing your data center operating costs further still.

Reduce your data center costs by up to 50%

Avoid unwanted upgrades

It’s not just the headline cost of purchasing new hardware that makes OEM-enforced upgrades so unwelcome. The secondary costs created by disruption, down time and additional consultancy coverage significantly increase the expense.

Our post-warranty expertise gives you back control of your data center. So you can choose when upgrading is most convenient – and cost-effective – for you.

OEM-quality support without the OEM price tag

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  • Maintenance cost reduction – by as much as 50%.
  • Maintenance, parts and support for your post-warranty systems.
  • Contract consolidation for a heterogeneous data center structure.
  • Customizable, cost-effective support provisioning.

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