Are You Missing This Storage ROI Opportunity?

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Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2019

When it comes to data storage, return on investment is not typically one of the CTO’s priorities- they are more concerned with performance, availability and reliability. Unfortunately, the CFO is concerned with ROI, determined to ensure that the business is receiving maximum value from IT spend.

Obviously, there is a value attached to improved uptime and performance, however, it can be hard to quantify. But what if you could retire redundant NetApp Filers or Dell EMC Isilon network attached storage and receive a financial return?

“Redundant” does not mean “useless”

As we’ve argued many times before on the CDS blog, older hardware can still play a valuable role in your storage strategy. From replacing legacy offline tape archives with online hard drives to low-cost development systems, your redundant systems can always be redeployed to increase ROI.

But it may be that you’ve taken the strategic decision to simply dispose of redundant storage systems. The good news is that there is still one last opportunity to increase ROI.

Treasure from trash

Older storage hardware, particularly from systems that are officially EoSL, is still useful. This is particularly true of the components which can be cannibalized for spare parts.

Any business that retains post-warranty systems will need access to spares– preferably, OEM-approved parts. Once the OEM withdraws support and their stock of parts is exhausted, clients will need to look elsewhere– or upgrade.

CDS maintains a complete inventory of spare parts for every post-warranty system we support. And we often purchase redundant hardware from businesses to maintain stock levels. We are always interested to hear from any business disposing of legacy systems– which means you can release the residual value from your hardware and realize the absolute maximum return on your investments.

To learn more about our post-warranty support services and extensive spare parts inventory, please give us a call.

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