CDS is a specialist provider of enterprise
level data center system expertise, maintenance and support

Our comprehensive global service operates 24x365 to keep your mission critical data systems in peak condition.

Vendor trained and certified specialists

CDS is uniquely positioned to be able to deliver vendor neutral data center support services, delivered by dedicated and experienced level 3 engineers.

Worldwide collaborative support model

CDS has a range of service contracts to align with your objectives, from parts only through to 24x365 with super fast turnaround.

Industry leading diagnostic toolset RAYTRIX ™

The RAYTRIX toolset allows the CDS team to deliver predictive, preventative services to maximise uptime across the StorageTek and EMC ranges including VMAX.

Global parts and logistics network

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of OEM-approved parts and operate a global delivery network to ensure replacements are available in a little as 2 hours.

Providing freedom and flexibility

Extend the life of your off warranty hardware with confidence and realize significant savings which can be used to fund other corporate initiatives.

Unparalleled customer support

CDS is one of the largest and most respected independent hardware maintenance and support providers worldwide. Our primary objective is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi-system

The right parts in the right place at the right time with the right skills

With a worldwide intelligent logistics system in place, CDS is your ultimate partner for spare parts provision. Partnering with CDS gives you a single point of contact for all regional, national and global spare parts requirements. Our engineers and parts will both arrive on site ready for instant installation.

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Data center in a box - the future that never was?

Back in 2007, Sun Microsystems began touting “Project Blackbox”, the first “portable” data center that would be mass-produced.

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