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Storage equipment entering the end of service life phase presents businesses with a dilemma – and a possible operational advantage.

Your OEM’s upgrade cycles demand that you replace aging hardware according to their schedule, whether it continues to fulfill a genuine business need or not. By partnering with CDS, fully functioning storage systems can be left in place, allowing your business to derive increased return on investment. Alternatively, your EOSL storage can be redeployed to increase capacity, or to upgrade lower-performing legacy systems.

Our vendor agnostic approach to storage design and deployment allows us to assess your infrastructure from a completely unbiased standpoint. 

We have in-depth experience of storage systems from a wide range of vendors – Dell EMC, NetApp, IBM, Hitachi Vantara, HPE etc – and how they are configured to work together most effectively.

Third party maintenance contracts from CDS can save up to 70% on the equivalent OEM agreement, further increasing potential cost savings. Whether your equipment is simply post warranty, or EOSL, CDS can help.

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Realizing the full value of your IT assets

CDS will assess your IT infrastructure to devise a cascade-down hardware strategy that allows you to extract maximum ROI from your post warranty assets. To help your business properly understand their options, CDS offer a selection of consultative services:

Assessment of existing estate by usage

Understanding how your storage systems are being used will be crucial to deciding whether EOSL hardware has a part to play in your strategy. Our OEM-trained Level 3 engineers will help you assess your existing estate, reporting on each asset, its post-warranty potential, and suggested applications – including redeployment in a software defined storage (SDS) architecture.

Building a cascade strategy

As your business upgrades its infrastructure, equipment can be “cascaded down”, replacing the older, lowest-performing units with faster, more efficient equivalents. Reusing post-warranty equipment in this way allows your business to realize an increased return on investment and provides a much-needed performance boost at every level of operations, from secondary applications to archiving.

Relocation and data migration

With the cascade strategy defined, our engineers will manage physical relocation of storage hardware, freeing up much needed space in your data centers for new equipment. We also offer a fully managed data migration service, ensuring information is transferred safely and securely to minimise downtime and prevent loss.

Upgrading EOSL hardware

Where capacity presents a problem, CDS can upgrade EOSL hardware from our extensive inventory of OEM-approved spares. This approach is far cheaper than sourcing a complete upgrade, and further extends the usable lifespan of your existing storage assets. And we offer exactly the same options and service for post warranty systems too.

Avoiding software update issues

Access to software updates is a powerful factor in deciding to renew OEM support contracts. By redeploying post-warranty hardware in an SDS configuration, the need for OEM software updates is negated completely. Your business is free to take advantage of lower cost third party maintenance and support services from CDS.

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