How a Sun® Maintenance Disaster Formed the Basis for a Long Term Post-Warranty Partnership

As the Sun system responsible for managing this Ontario-based robotics and automation manufacturer’s ERP platform neared end of service life (EoSL), the organization faced a choice – follow the OEM’s advice and upgrade the entire platform, take out a new, lavishly expensive support contract with Sun, or secure the services of a third party post-warranty support provider.

“Normally we would have swallowed the bitter pill and followed Sun’s guidance,” explains the Manager of Information Technology charged with overseeing the ERP platform, “but a recommendation from a trusted contact made us take a second look at the third party options, including CDS.”

A pleasant surprise

CDS were awarded the contract and assumed responsibility for the Sun E450 system as soon as the OEM maintenance agreement expired. The handover was seamless, maintenance and service were taken care of and everything continued as normal. That is until a major hardware failure took the ERP system offline.

“When the quote came in we were greatly surprised at the services CDS were offering,” he continued, “We knew Sun’s contract would be expensive, but the CDS price was a fraction of the OEM’s and promised a lot more besides.” 

How a disaster changed everything...for the better

“Our internal technical team sprang into action and began the usual fault-finding and troubleshooting processes we always had. After several hours of running into problems we gave CDS a call. They immediately sent out an engineer with replacement parts and began providing advice in the meantime.” 

“What caught us by surprise was the speed with which they reacted. In the past our OEM support provider had demanded we go through a standard process of initial troubleshooting steps – just like following a script. CDS didn’t waste any time stepping in to take control of the situation and making available all the resources we needed to get the ERP system online again.”

“We’ve never made the same mistake again – CDS is always our first call when we run into a problem now, far quicker and more effective than wasting time and effort fault finding.”

The start of something big

The experience was a defining moment in the professional relationship, establishing a trust and respect that CDS could and would deliver the services promised. Since then CDS has been the only choice for post-warranty support, completely changing the firm’s maintenance model and helping to significantly reduce operational costs.

CDS now support the all the company’s post-warranty Sun 4500, V480s and V880s servers, and an HP blade system. The continued positive support experiences have also recently convinced the IT management team to move their EMC Celerra maintenance support contract from OEM to CDS. 

“Despite being a global brand with offices across North America, Europe and beyond, CDS still offers a personal service that makes it feel like you are dealing with a Mom n’ Pop shop. We have a great working relationship with our local engineer, they always have the spare parts we need for our post-warranty hardware, and everything is backed by an extensive, knowledgeable team working in the background to provide guidance, support and advice. But they can still make our business feel like we are the most important customers in the world.”

“CDS now provide post-warranty maintenance services to some of our other business units, and I’ve even recommended them to my professional network. They have helped us with equipment that isn’t covered by our maintenance contracts on occasion, because they really care about us as customers.”

“It’s not often you find a service partner who can save you money, improve services and change the way your business approaches hardware lifecycles – but that’s exactly what we have in CDS.


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