NetApp NearStore® Series Maintenance

Big data programs, and the need to retain vast volumes of data for compliancy reasons has seen NetApp NearStore archiving systems become more important than ever. But as these archive filers reach end of service life, users are faced with a dilemma – upgrade to a NetApp FAS system, or drop OEM support in favour of retaining their existing platform?

Moving archives is costly and disruptive, particularly if the data involved is placed in cold storage and accessed infrequently. Upgrading to newer, more performant hardware is unnecessary when system stability and reliability are more important. 

By partnering with CDS, you can break the OEM hold on your archives by keeping NearStore filers in operation.

Protected by a third party support contract, you can be sure that filers are properly maintained, and continue to deliver the performance and reliability on which you depend.

When you partner with CDS, expect to receive:

  • 7x24 support from our Level 3 engineers for all your post-warranty NearStore filers.
  • Access to our multi-million dollar parts inventory which carries NetApp-approved spares for every NearStore system we support – including your post-warranty systems.
  • Global on-site support and logistics, with spares arriving at your data center in as little as two hours (subject to SLAs and contract terms). We can also supply spares to upgrade your NearStore filers, offering a cost-effective capacity increase option.
  • Increased return on NearStore investment as your filers remain in active use for longer.
  • Access to OEM-trained Level 3 engineers, on-hand at every stage of the problem resolution process.
  • Industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.
  • Proactive remote monitoring and preventative maintenance to ensure your archives continue to function optimally.

CDS are fully vendor agnostic, allowing us to provide support and maintenance for your post-warranty NetApp systems. We can even provide independent advice about migrating archives to another vendor, or building a heterogeneous infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of your business.


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The withdrawal of the NearStore series is not the end of its useful life. Contact CDS today to learn more about our post warranty NetApp NearStore support services and how they help your business regain control of your archiving environment.

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