NetApp N-Series® Storage Maintenance

When NetApp announced the N-Series was to be deprecated in 2014, customers were forced to re-evaluate their storage strategy. Most were expected to replace N-Series units with the latest models from NetApp.

CDS offer a credible alternative in the form of third party post-warranty support and maintenance. By partnering with CDS your business can extend the lifespan of N-Series systems indefinitely, providing additional time in which to plan your migration – to a new hardware platform, systems from another OEM, or to a cloud-based alternative.

As well as receiving comprehensive OEM-class maintenance services, your business also realizes an increased return on N-Series investment.

When you partner with CDS for support of your N-Series storage, you can expect:

  • An OEM-trained Level 3 engineer will log every incoming call and see your query through to resolution.
  • 7x24 support, including proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance. Our engineers work round the clock to ensure your storage performs optimally.
  • Guaranteed access to NetApp-approved spares from our multi-million dollar inventory. Parts can be shipped to your data center anywhere in the world in as little as 2 hours (depending on contract terms and SLAs).
  • Increased return on N-Series investment and reduced total cost of ownership as the lifespan of each unit is increased.
  • Seamless transfer of support services, ensuring no downtime or inconvenience, freeing your in-house IT team to focus on other strategic projects.

Whether you plan to migrate to an alternative platform from another vendor, or require interim support for post-warranty N-Series storage during an upgrade, our engineers are available to assist. And because CDS is fully vendor-agnostic, we are able to continue to providing maintenance services in a hybrid or heterogeneous environment too.

Les modèles NetApp N Series couvertsNous nous efforçons de garder cette liste à jour - veuillez nous contacter si votre modèle n'est pas répertorié ici.

Product LineModels
NetApp N-Series
  • NetApp N-Series N3300
  • NetApp N-Series N3400
  • NetApp N-Series N3600
  • NetApp N-Series N3700
  • NetApp N-Series N5200
  • NetApp N-Series N5300
  • NetApp N-Series N5500
  • NetApp N-Series N5600
  • NetApp N-Series N6040
  • NetApp N-Series N7600
  • NetApp N-Series N7700
  • NetApp N-Series N7800
  • NetApp N-Series N7900
  • NetApp N-Series N6060
  • NetApp N-Series N6070


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