NetApp E Series® Maintenance

Mission critical applications require high performance, enterprise-class hardware – which is why you chose NetApp E Series SAN storage systems. And to keep you at the cutting edge, NetApp use a hardware refresh cycle that forces you into upgrades on a regular basis.

But what happens when your existing E Series SAN continues to deliver according to your needs? Do you have to replace perfectly good hardware with an E Series upgrade?

The good news is that with the assistance of CDS, you can reclaim control of your SAN, leaving existing arrays in place, and in operation. Our third party maintenance services offer:

  • 7x24 support for your E Series arrays.
  • Industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.
  • All support is provided by NetApp-trained Level 3 engineers, from your initial call to our helpdesk, right through to final resolution.
  • Guaranteed access to spare parts for all of your post-warranty E Series arrays. Our global distribution network can ship parts to your data center in as little as 2 hours for mission critical systems (subject to SLAs and contract terms).
  • Proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance of your E Series arrays to ensure they continue to operate optimally.
  • By extending the usable life span of your E Series systems, your business realizes an increased return on investment. CDS support contracts offer typical costs savings of 30%-50% on your existing agreement with NetApp too.

CDS also advise on how post-warranty E Series hardware can be redeployed to provide additional capacity for other applications. And as a vendor agnostic provider of maintenance services, we can maintain your entire NetApp estate – and hardware from many other vendors too.


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