NetApp® Storage Maintenance & Support

Partnering with CDS for NetApp® support ensures that your business receives an OEM-level service that boosts return on investment and dramatically reduces total cost of ownership.

CDS are committed to extending the life of NetApp storage solutions by providing you with industry-leading maintenance and support services long after your equipment has reached manufacturer end of life.

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Flexible Support Levels For Your NetApp Devices

Choose the level of support that fits your data center:

CDS currently offer support for FAS Series, N Series, Filer Series, Nearstore Series and E Series product families:

  • NetApp E Series support and maintenance

    Obtain support and OEM-approved spares quickly and easily for your E Series SAN storage from CDS. 

  • NetApp Maintenance

    Ensure your NetApp storage hardware is performing optimally with proactive maintenance and fault prevention from our Level 3 engineers.


  • NetApp Support

    Expert help and advice from our OEM-qualified Level 3 engineers to resolve technical issues with your NetApp storage assets.

  • NetApp Consulting

    Expert guidance and advice on re-using or re-deploying your post warranty NetApp hardware to increase capacity and return on investment.

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NetApp storage support provisions

NetApp 3rd party maintenance services from CDS include the following components:

  • 7x24 hardware support
  • Flexible SLAs to meet your specific needs, from next business day to 4-hour onsite
  • Round-the-clock proactive system monitoring
  • Unlimited service calls delivering help whenever you need it
  • OEM spare parts and delivery to site
  • “How-To” software guidance from our helpdesk
  • Hardware upgrade services to expand capacity when required

Reduced service costs

NetApp storage support services from CDS offer much greater value than those on offer from NetApp direct. Our clients have realized savings of up to 50% by replacing their post warranty OEM service contract with an alternative from CDS.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because CDS offer support for end of life NetApp storage solutions, your business can keep using equipment for as long as it continues to meet your operational needs for many years to come. This extension then allows your business to divert funds to other strategic development projects and business goals.

Exceeding your NetApp support expectations

CDS NetApp support services are more than simply an extension of OEM offerings. As well as receiving end of life maintenance and support options, you can expect:

Direct access to Level 3 engineers

  • Every support request is handled, beginning to end, by an experienced level 3 engineer:
  • Instant call escalation – the CDS engineer answering your call will be the engineer resolving your NetApp support issues
  • No more time wasted explaining issues repeatedly – with a single point of contact at CDS, we can work on fixing the problem immediately
  • Our engineers are empowered to authorize hardware repairs, further reducing the bureaucracy that would otherwise increase system downtime

Market leading call resolution times

All CDS NetApp support contracts include proactive monitoring and maintenance to reduce the risk of problems developing, but if they do, technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.

Dealing with highly qualified, experienced engineers from the outset minimizes downtime, creating even greater value from your support contract.

Start saving today with NetApp support from CDS

CDS offer a range of, post warranty support services for NetApp solutions.

Supported NetApp ModelsWe try to keep this list up to date - please contact us if you can't see your model listed here

Product LineModels
NearStore Series
  • NearStore Series R100
  • NearStore Series R150
  • NearStore Series R200
All Flash Series
  • AFF A200
  • AFF A300
  • AFF A700
  • AFF A700s
  • AFF8040
  • AFF8060
  • AFF8080
  • EF540
  • E2624
  • E2660
  • E5412
  • E5424
  • E5460
  • E5500
  • E5600
  • E5700
FA Series
  • FAS250
  • FAS270
  • FAS2020
  • FAS2040
  • FAS2050
  • FAS2220
  • FAS2240
  • FAS2240
  • FAS2520
  • FAS2552
  • FAS2554
  • FAS2620
  • FAS2650
  • FAS3020
  • FAS3040
  • FAS3050
  • FAS3070
  • FAS3140
  • FAS3160
  • FAS3170
  • FAS3210
  • FAS3220
  • FAS3240
  • FAS3250
  • FAS3270
  • FAS6030
  • FAS6040
  • FAS6070
  • FAS6080
  • FAS6210
  • FAS6220
  • FAS6240
  • FAS6250
  • FAS6280
  • FAS6290
  • FAS8020
  • FAS8040
  • FAS8060
  • FAS8080
  • FAS8200
  • FAS9000
  • E2612
Filer Series
  • NetApp 7XX
  • NetApp 8XX
  • NetApp F2XX
  • NetApp F2XX
  • NetApp F3XX
  • NetApp F5XX
  • NetApp F7XX
  • NetApp F8X
  • NetApp G3XX
  • NetApp G6XX
  • NetApp GF2XX
  • NetApp GF8XX
  • NetApp GF9XX
N-Series (IBM)
  • NetApp N-Series N3X00
  • NetApp N-Series N5X00
  • NetApp N-Series N60X0
  • NetApp N-Series N7X00
  • V3210
  • V3220
  • V3240
  • V3250
  • V3270
  • V6210
  • V6220
  • V6240
  • V6250
  • V6280
  • V6290


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