IBM® Storage Maintenance

The rapid pace of IT development means that IBM regularly retires older storage systems. Although these older systems are replaced by newer, faster alternatives, many businesses would rather avoid dumping the storage systems they already have in place – especially when those assets continue to perform perfectly well.

Faced with the threat of losing support for their IBM storage, many carry out the upgrade at significant, unnecessary cost and effort.

CDS offer businesses in this situation a helpful alternative – third party IBM storage maintenance contracts. Providing similar levels of coverage, our contracts are not only considerably cheaper, but are available for storage units that are now post warranty.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of IBM hardware allows us to support a wide range of systems, including disk arrays, flash arrays, network attached storage, and tape drives and autoloaders. Our post warranty storage maintenance contracts, involving IBM Storwize, IBM System Storage, IBM TotalStorage and IBM XIV,  allow you to retain your existing infrastructure for longer, realizing all the benefits of the same familiar, stable platform in the process.

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As a vendor agnostic maintenance provider, CDS can provide support and parts for much more than just your IBM storage hardware.

Among the many benefits of CDS’ IBM storage maintenance services are:

  • Direct access to our OEM-trained Level 3 engineers 7x24x365.
  • Industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.
  • Guaranteed spares for all your IBM storage systems, delivered to your data center in as little as 2 hours (subject to SLAs and contract terms).
  • Proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance to ensure arrays, drives and autoloaders continue to function optimally and preventing downtime and data loss.

As a vendor agnostic maintenance provider, CDS can provide support and parts for much more than just your IBM storage hardware. We can assist and advise on systems from a range of other vendors, and help you to redeploy assets into a heterogeneous platform tailored to help your business reach its strategic goals.


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