Hitachi Data Systems® Storage Maintenance

With a global presence and the capacity to provide multi-vendor support, CDS is uniquely positioned to deliver the post warranty Hitachi Data Systems® storage support you need to maintain internal operational standards.

Your HDS storage solutions may have reached manufacturer end of life, but continue to deliver the service and performance you need. By partnering with CDS we ensure that your storage devices continue to operate in peak condition, delivering the same quality of service you expect from Hitachi OEM support, extending product life by up to three years.

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We try to keep this list up to date - please contact us if you can't see your model listed here

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CDS offer a comprehensive Hitachi 3rd party maintenance service

CDS support post warranty Hitachi Data Systems storage solutions, offering:

  • Full Hitachi storage support services for disk controllers etc (see the full list of supported devices at the end of the page)
  • 7x24 automated proactive monitoring ensures that your Hitachi products are working at all times and potential issues are identified and resolved early
  • Remote and onsite technical support and advice from our team of OEM-trained Level 3 engineers
  • A mix of SLAs to suit your specific requirements on a unit-by-unit basis, from next business day to 4-hours onsite
  • Competitively priced support services extend asset lifespan. delivering a greater return on investment
  • A worldwide network of trusted CDS Level 3 field engineers deliver support for all your Hitachi storage hardware on any of your sites

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Hitachi maintenance services from CDS are designed to exceed your expectations

CDS is fully committed to delivering support and maintenance programs that exceed common 3rd party agreements:

  • Industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly
  • Instance expert access - All support calls are answered and resolved by Level 3 engineers
  • Improved replacement parts access – CDS maintain a comprehensive stock of OEM-approved parts, delivering them to site quickly to further reduce downtime
  • CDS operate multi-vendor agreements to provide complete technical support for every storage device in your heterogeneous environment

Hitachi Data Systems 3rd party maintenance services from CDS deliver timely and efficient support designed to maintain peak performance and reduce total cost of ownership.

HDS consulting services from CDS

As well as supporting and maintaining your Hitachi Data Systems storage solutions, we work hard to reduce your operational costs and boost ROI so you can extract even greater value from your investments:

  • Helping you better plan future projects and budget requirements with cost reduction modeling in hardware environments
  • Helping you plan and build a system capable of meeting strategic goals by calculating required processing power improvements
  • Mapping and modeling future storage demands for better system design today
  • Consolidating storage hardware (with or without application consolidation drivers) to further reduce operational expenditure
  • Providing consultancy and advice on implementing emerging technologies to drive your IT strategy

Supported HDS ModelsWe try to keep this list up to date - please contact us if you can't see your model listed here

Product LineModels
Hitachi Storage Products
  • Hitachi 9570V
  • Hitachi 9580V
  • Hitachi 9585V
  • Hitachi 9910
  • Hitachi 9960
  • Hitachi 9970
  • Hitachi 9970
  • Hitachi 9980
  • VSP
HDS Unified Storage
  • Hitachi USP100
  • Hitachi USP600
  • Hitachi USP1100
  • Hitachi NSC55
  • Hitachi USPV
  • Hitachi USPVM
Hitachi AMS
  • Hitachi AMS200
  • Hitachi AMS500
  • Hitachi AMS1000
  • Hitachi AMS2100
  • Hitachi AMS2300
  • Hitachi AMS2500
  • HDS XP256
  • HDS XP48
  • HDS XP512
  • HDS XP128
  • HDS XP1024
  • HDS XP10000
  • HDS XP12000
  • HDS XP24000
  • HDS SE9910
  • HDS SE9960
  • HDS SE9970
  • HDS SE9980
  • HDS SE9985
  • HDS SE9985V
  • HDS SE9990


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