Dell EMC VxBlock® Storage Maintenance

Dell EMC VxBlock systems are the world’s number one choice for converged infrastructure deployments.

So when choosing post-warranty support and maintenance, it makes sense to select the world’s number provider – CDS. Our uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of support and customer satisfaction ensures our VxBlock customers receive OEM-class service for their VxBlock systems, even after Dell EMC withdraw support.

Our Level 3 engineers are fully OEM-trained, and boast 20+ years experience of working with Dell EMC systems – including VxBlock. Our support and maintenance contracts cover every aspect of your VxBlock units, including storage, networking and compute.

By extending the lifespan of your post-warranty VxBlock systems, your business regains control of your data center.

When partnering with CDS, your business can expect:

  • 7x24x support for all VxBlock issues and direct access to our Level 3 engineers who will oversee every case, from helpdesk to resolution.
  • Proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance of compute, storage and network components, ensuring VxBlock systems operate optimally at all times.
  • OEM-approved spares for every VxBlock component are held in stock by CDS, and can be delivered to your data center in as little as 2 hours (depending on SLA and contract terms). Our global network of engineers is on-hand to carry out swaps and replacements, wherever your data center is located.

By extending the lifespan of your post-warranty VxBlock systems, your business regains control of your data center. In addition to realizing an increased return on your converged infrastructure investments, you also have more freedom to decide when and how to upgrade, rather than having to follow Dell EMC’s upgrade cycles.

CDS is an independent provider of vendor agnostic maintenance services. We can provide interim support for VxBlock systems as you move to another vendor, or provide advice about building a best-of-breed heterogeneous environment that better meets the challenges your business faces.

Contact us today to learn about the possibilities – and savings - offered by third party support from CDS for your VxBlock converged infrastructure.

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