BroadRiver's EMC Symmetrix DMX4 Units Supported by CDS at a Fraction of Previous Cost

As their EMC Symmetrix DMX4 units approached official End of Service Life (EoSL), network infrastructure services provider BroadRiver faced a dilemma – pay for premium-priced post-warranty services from EMC direct, or choose a suitably experienced and qualified third party instead.

Best possible service

Michael Oken, CTO at BroadRiver picks up the story;


"In order to ensure the best possible service for our customers, we need all of our systems to be protected by top class maintenance and support – at least the same level you would expect to receive from the OEM. But the sums quoted by EMC for supporting our EoSL Symmetrix DMX4 units meant our bottom line would be significantly impacted if we tried to absorb those costs ourselves. And in a competitive marketplace, we couldn’t afford to alienate our customers by passing the costs on to them either."

50% lower for EMC support

Hedging their bets, BroadRiver requested quotes for post-warranty maintenance services from three providers.

"We received two surprises. First, two of the companies we approached declined the opportunity to submit a bid. Second, the bid we did receive – from Computer Data Services (CDS) – was substantially lower than EMC’s, half the cost in fact, making it even less than we had hoped."

The ability to choose SLAs and service options that meet our specific needs is invaluable

But the decision to use CDS was not based on price alone.

"The ability to choose SLAs and service options that meet our specific needs is invaluable. Working with CDS we can agree various levels of support for individual items of hardware, ensuring we never pay more than we need to, and that everything is protected in the event of an IT failure."

In the case of the EMC Symmetrix DMX4 units, BroadRiver opted for 24x7 monitoring services from CDS, with a break/fix option including on-site engineer support for when problems cannot be resolved remotely. 

"Over time we have come to regard CDS as an important strategic partner. We may not be the biggest networking infrastructure provider, nor their most valuable client, but CDS have always given us the highest standards of service, and we’ve never doubted that they care about us just as much as any other customer."

EMC - VMAX support

Since the initial contract was signed, CDS has gone on to assume responsibility for the rest of BroadRiver’s post warranty hardware. CDS also provide support and maintenance for a set of brand EMC VMAX units as BroadRiver chose their services over that of the OEM.

"Because they share our concerns and understand our goals, CDS has always been extremely easy to deal with. They have even stepped up to help us out of serious difficulties with equipment that isn’t covered by their support contracts – certainly something we wouldn’t expect from an OEM. And it’s that level of service that we’ve found money can’t buy."

"It sounds stereotypical, but we continue to be amazed by how CDS can offer such high quality support and maintenance services while still finding the room to significantly undercut OEMs. But if their service keeps our systems running and our customers happy, why complain?"


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