Dell EMC PowerVault® Storage Maintenance

Despite their age, Dell EMC PowerVault systems continue to play an important part in your storage and backup strategies. But what happens when Dell EMC withdraws support for these older models? Will your business be pushed into an unnecessary, unwanted upgrade?

CDS provide a useful, cost-effective alternative. Our post-warranty support and maintenance services keep your PowerVault systems in place for up to 5 more years – and reduce contract costs by as much as 50%. Which buys you more time to plan your own upgrade and migration path.

CDS carry every part for every supported Dell EMC PowerVault system, so we can provide additional RAID controllers, SAS hard drives and network cards for your storage.

When you partner with CDS for PowerVault support, you can expect to receive:

  • 7x24 support from Level 3 engineers who will take ownership of each issue, seeing them through to completion.
  • Full support for your Dell EMC PowerVault storage and tape systems – including on-site visits by engineers when required.
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance to provide early warning of potential issues, allows our engineers to formulate a response before performance is affected.
  • Spares for every possible component failure, guaranteed by our multi-million dollar parts inventory.
  • Delivery of spares to your data center anywhere in the world in as little as four hours to minimize downtime.
  • Support for all storage deployment scenarios – Direct Attached Storage, SAN, NAS and Tape.
  • Configuration advice and support for your PowerVault storage and backup deployments.

CDS engineers are fully OEM-trained, and have many years worth of experience supporting Dell PowerVault systems. Our super-responsive support ensures a speedy resolution to technical issues, while proactive optimization maximizes the value realized from your post-warranty assets.

Further value can be unlocked by populating empty slots and trays with low cost spares. CDS carry every part for every supported Dell PowerVault system, so we can provide additional RAID controllers, SAS hard drives and network cards for your storage. Increasing capacity of existing systems is much more cost-effective than purchasing and deploying a whole new system.

CDS is also vendor-agnostic. We can provide interim support for Dell PowerVault servers during a migration between vendors, or share useful advice and guidance on building a best-of-breed heterogeneous storage environment that is not tied to a single OEM. We can even support your non-Dell storage systems, simplifying the process of obtaining assistance in the midst of a technical crisis.


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