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End of Service Life does not mean end of usable life for your Dell EMC storage. With third party support and maintenance services from CDS, your arrays, tape drives and network attached storage can stay in place for up to five more years.

By extending the lifespan of Dell EMC EOSL hardware, you realise several significant benefits. Maintenance contracts with CDS save up to 50% on the OEM equivalent for instance. And you can avoid the cost and disruption of an unwanted, unnecessary upgrade.

CDS engineers have many years’ experience supporting the Dell EMC systems below, so you will always have access to the expertise required to keep them running long into the future. We also hold a multi-million dollar reserve of spares, ensuring we have every part for every post-warranty system listed below.

Contact us today to learn more about EOSL maintenance services and to get an understanding of just how much you could save without sacrificing the quality of support you receive.

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