Dell EMC® Consulting

As the world’s largest provider of 3rd party maintenance services, CDS has plenty of experience in providing industry-leading support for Dell EMC® hardware and software. 

But our team of experienced engineers is also available to provide comprehensive Dell EMC consulting services to your business.

Choosing a CDS Dell EMC consultant will help your business realize the most benefit from your existing storage infrastructure and continue to generate a healthy return on investment – even for post warranty Dell EMC CLARiiON ® and Symmetrix ® systems.

Dell EMC consulting services cover all bases

Dell EMC consulting services from CDS can help:

  • Identify and realize potential cost savings by better utilization of existing assets such as data deduplication or thin provisioning
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues that are preventing Dell EMC systems from optimal performance
  • Reconfigure, upgrade or install Dell EMC hardware so that systems remain a strategic asset and continue to deliver business benefits
  • Perform automated monitoring and reporting audits using our custom Raytrix ESS™ suite, offering OEM-equivalent services and support
  • Prepare system upgrade roadmaps based on projected resource demands
  • Suggest how best to consolidate storage to reduce licensing, support and maintenance costs without compromising quality of service
  • Advise on emerging technologies and how they could be integrated into your business strategy to take advantage of new efficiency and performance gain

A truly skilled team of Dell EMC consultants

When working with CDS, you can be sure that your Dell EMC consultants:

  • Are fully OEM-trained and qualified
  • Have at least 15 years experience of working hands-on with Dell EMC equipment and services

CDS Dell EMC consultants can provide additional assistance at any point of your project lifecycle, by providing pre-sales support and advice, to helping with hands-on implementation. CDS’s Dell EMC consultants provide the knowledge, experience or manpower you need to realize the greatest value from your investment.

Whatever your specific project requirements, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you extract additional value from your Dell EMC Symmetrix and CLARiiON infrastructure.

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