Dell EMC Celerra® Storage Maintenance

As the world’s leading provider of third party maintenance services for Dell EMC hardware, CDS is your ideal partner for supporting Celerra NAS appliances.

Our post warranty Celerra maintenance services provide significant cost savings over an equivalent contract from Dell EMC, without compromising quality of support in any way.

Our OEM-trained Level 3 engineers have over 20 years experience providing support for Dell EMC systems – including the Celerra range of products. With industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.

You can rely on us as you build a heterogeneous data storage platform that meets your present and future needs.

When you partner with CDS for Celerra technical support, you benefit from:

  • Reduced operating costs and post-warranty support allow you to realize increased returns on your Cellera NAS infrastructure.
  • 7x24 access to our Level 3 engineers who will see your issue through from initial report to final resolution.
  • Proactive monitoring and pre-emptive maintenance of Celerra appliances and devices to reduce downtime and resolve issues before performance is impacted.
  • Our multi-million dollar spares inventory holds OEM spares for every Cellera system we support. And we can have spare parts delivered to your data center in as little as 2 hours (subject to SLAs and contract terms).
  • Celerra NAS Support and maintenance routines built on industry and OEM best practice, ensuring the only difference you notice is an improvement in the quality of support you receive.

CDS provide post-warranty support for a wide range of Dell EMC systems, allowing us to assist with the rest of your operating environment if required. And as a vendor-agnostic support provider, we are not bound by an allegiance to a specific OEM – our advice is unbiased and trustworthy.

You can rely on us as you build a heterogeneous data storage platform that meets your present and future needs.

Supported Dell EMC Celerra ModelsWe try to keep this list up to date - please contact us if you can't see your model listed here

Product LineModels
Celerra Gateway
  • NS-G2
  • NS-G8
  • NS40 (Gateway)
  • NS500G
  • NS600G
  • NS700G (1st generation)
  • NS704G
  • VG2 (with DART 6.x)
  • VG8 (with DART 6.x)
Celerra NS
  • NS20
  • NS20 (Dual)
  • NS20FC (Dual)
  • NS20FC (Single)
  • NS40 (Integrated)
  • NS80
  • NS80G
  • NS120
  • NS350
  • NS480
  • NS500
  • NS600
  • NS700 (1st generation)
  • NS700 (2nd Gen)
  • NS704 (Integrated)
  • NS960
  • NS960G
Celerra NX4
  • NX4
  • NX4 (Dual)
Celerra File Server
  • 502 Control Station
  • 502 Data Mover
  • 503 Control Station
  • 503 Data Mover
  • 505 Control Station
  • 505 Data Mover
  • 506 Control Station
  • 506 Data Mover
  • 507 Control Station
  • 507 Data Mover
  • 510 Data Mover
  • 514 / 518 Data Mover in CFS-14
  • 514 / 518 Data Mover in CNS-xxx
  • 517 Control Station in CFS-14
  • 517 Control Station in CNS-xxx
  • CFS-14
  • CNS-14

Contact CDS today to learn more about how third party Celerra maintenance delivers much more than just a reduction in maintenance contract costs.

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