Cisco® Storage Networking Maintenance

Sitting at the heart of your SAN, Cisco network switches must operate optimally at all times to ensure mission critical data is accessible round the clock. You need support for your SAN switches – but it shouldn't cost the earth.

As your Cisco SAN maintenance contract nears its end, take a moment to consider your options. Your account manager will push for a costly renewal – or even suggest a complete replacement of key fabric switches.

The new contract will naturally be more expensive - an upgrade even more so. Every extra dollar spent on an existing SAN is money taken away from strategic projects. But there is a better way.

CDS provide cost-effective proactive support and maintenance services for Cisco MDS fabric switches – including post-warranty units.

Choosing CDS to provide third party support for your Cisco storage area networks provides your business with a strategic advantage. You can expect:

  • 7x24x365 proactive maintenance and support contracts offering savings of up to 50% on Cisco’s service.
  • Direct access to fully-qualified Level 3 engineers who will see each support call through to completion.
  • Increased operational flexibility and budget control as you define your own upgrade timeframes.
  • Guaranteed access to OEM-approved spares for every MDS switch and SAN component, delivered and fitted in as little as 4 hours, anywhere in the world.
  • Advice and guidance on maintaining and optimizing Cisco MDS software and SAN storage services.

As a vendor agnostic provider of enterprise-class support and maintenance services, CDS can provide advice and guidance on your Cisco SAN switches, as well as hardware from other OEMs. And because we aren’t affiliated with any of the OEM’s, our advice is completely impartial to ensure you always get the best outcomes for your business.


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