Cisco® Networking & SAN Support and Maintenance

CDS provides OEM quality Cisco® networking hardware and software support for post warranty and EOSL hardware. Extending the lifecycle for as long as it continues to meet your business needs. We operate a global network of trusted Level 3 engineers, ensuring your business has support and advice whenever and wherever required.

Working with CDS you can be assured of receiving the same quality of service you expect from Cisco OEM support, extending the lifespan of your Cisco products by up to five years, or more!

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Flexible Support Levels For Your Cisco Devices

Choose the level of support that fits your data center:

CDS currently offer hardware and software support for CISCO Networking devices (Switches, Routers, Wireless), Security Appliances and CISCO MDS SAN Switches:

  • Cisco Networking Support

    As a completely independent provider of Cisco network hardware support and maintenance, CDS can protect your infrastructure – even if the OEM warranty has expired.

CDS provide a comprehensive Cisco 3rd party maintenance service

As an OEM-agnostic supplier of support services, CDS deliver a flexible range of Cisco support options that cover all of your post warranty Cisco equipment:

  • Full hardware support for Cisco networking hardware solutions, including SAN switches (see the full list of supported devices at the end of the page)
  • 7x24 proactive monitoring helps our engineers stay on top of potential issues, allowing us to fix them before they result in storage or network outages
  • Remote and onsite technical support delivered by our global team of OEM-trained Level 3 engineers, available anywhere in the world
  • Customizable SLAs can be defined on a unit-by-unit basis, from next business day to 4-hours onsite, to create a flexible support offering that meets your specific needs
  • Competitively priced support services offer savings of up to 50% on OEM equivalents, helping to extend asset lifespan and deliver a greater return on investment
  • Advice and assistance with configuring and using Cisco MDS software and SANs

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Cisco 3rd party maintenance services from CDS consistently exceed expectations

CDS is fully committed to resourcing and delivering support and maintenance programs that consistently deliver the highest levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction:

  • Industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.
  • All support calls are answered and resolved by qualified Level 3 engineers giving you instant access to OEM-recognised experts
  • Guaranteed spare parts provisions - CDS maintain a comprehensive stock of Cisco-approved parts for all supported network and SAN hardware, delivering them to your site in as little as 4 hours
  • Vendor agnostic support services – CDS can support and maintain all of the storage hardware in your heterogeneous environment

Cisco 3rd party maintenance services from CDS reduce the total cost of ownership of your entire IT estate by extending the lifespan of post-warranty network hardware and giving you access to the support you need, when you need it.

Supported Cisco ModelsWe try to keep this list up to date - please contact us if you can't see your model listed here

Product LineModels
Cisco Catalyst
  • Cisco Catalyst 2940
  • Cisco Catalyst 2960
  • Cisco Catalyst 3560
  • Cisco Catalyst 3560-E
  • Cisco Catalyst 3750
  • Cisco Catalyst 3750-E
  • Cisco Catalyst 4500
  • Cisco Catalyst 4900
  • Cisco Catalyst 6500
  • Cisco Catalyst Express
Cisco Catalyst EOL
  • Cisco Catalyst 1600
  • Cisco Catalyst 1700
  • Cisco Catalyst 1800
  • Cisco Catalyst 1900
  • Cisco Catalyst 2100
  • Cisco Catalyst 2600
  • Cisco Catalyst 2800
  • Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL
  • Cisco Catalyst 2950LRE
  • Cisco Catalyst 2970
  • Cisco Catalyst 3000
  • Cisco Catalyst 3500XL
  • Cisco Catalyst 3900
  • Cisco Catalyst 4000
  • Cisco Catalyst 4200
  • Cisco Catalyst 5000
  • Cisco Catalyst 500LRE
  • Cisco Catalyst 5500
  • Cisco Catalyst 6000
Cisco Routers
  • Cisco Routers 1800
  • Cisco Routers 2800
  • Cisco Routers 3800
  • Cisco Routers 7200
  • Cisco Routers 7301
  • Cisco Routers 7304
  • Cisco Routers 7600
  • Cisco Routers 850
Cisco Routers EOL
  • Cisco Routers 1100
  • Cisco Routers 1400
  • Cisco Routers 1600
  • Cisco Routers 1700
  • Cisco Routers 2000
  • Cisco Routers 2500
  • Cisco Routers 2500 Acess Server
  • Cisco Routers 2600
  • Cisco Routers 3000
  • Cisco Routers 3600
  • Cisco Routers 3700
  • Cisco Routers 4000
  • Cisco Routers 600
  • Cisco Routers 700
  • Cisco Routers 7000
  • Cisco Routers 7400
  • Cisco Routers 7500
  • Cisco Routers 820
  • Cisco Routers 830
  • Cisco Routers AS5200
  • Cisco Routers ASG+
  • Cisco Routers ISG
  • Cisco Routers MC810AccCon
Cisco Security Appliance
  • Cisco Security Appliance 3000 VPN Sec
  • Cisco Security Appliance 5000 VPN Sec
  • Cisco Security Appliance 500FW/Sec
  • Cisco Security Appliance 5500 Adpt Sec
Cisco Wireless
  • Cisco Wireless 1000
  • Cisco Wireless 1130AG
  • Cisco Wireless 1140
  • Cisco Wireless 1200
  • Cisco Wireless 1240AG
  • Cisco Wireless 1250
  • Cisco Wireless 1300
  • Cisco Wireless 1400
  • Cisco Wireless 1520
  • Cisco Wireless 340
  • Cisco Wireless 340BR
  • Cisco Wireless 340WG BR
  • Cisco Wireless 350AP
  • Cisco Wireless 350BR
  • Cisco Wireless 4800
  • Cisco Wireless 500
  • Cisco Wireless Aironet


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