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Network Maintenance

Resilient and reliable data transport services are essential to the flow of information throughout your business.

Internal and external network switches play a crucial part in ensuring data is available where and when needed to assist with operations and provide the basics for timely strategic decision making.

CDS provide a fully-flexible range of support services for network hardware from enterprise vendors Cisco and Brocade, built on the knowledge and experience of our OEM-certified engineers. Our team ensures that data flows unhindered throughout your organization, maintaining the highest levels of availability and security throughout.

Choosing post warranty network support & maintenance services from CDS guarantees that networking hardware is maintained according to OEM specified standards, providing peace of mind that networking equipment will continue to function as expected. More importantly still, adhering to maintenance routines will help to extend the lifespan of hardware far beyond the vendor defined EoSL date, delivering an increased return on investment.

So why choose to partner with CDS for post-warranty network support and maintenance?

  • Our vendor-agnostic approach means we can support and maintain any combination of networking devices at any location.
  • By becoming your primary point of contact for network support, you can simplify the administration and billing processes, further reducing your operational overheads for greater savings and speedier resolutions to problems.
  • By extending the lifespan of your network hardware beyond vendor-specified warranty periods, your business realizes additional value from investments.
  • CDS engineers work alongside your own team to share knowledge, experience and add value to the relationship.

Network support and maintenance services from CDS unlock other benefits including:

Reduced downtime

Regular maintenance by CDS consultants keeps equipment functioning optimally, reducing downtime and improving availability – so you can focus on accessing your network, rather than managing the systems that serve it. We also maintain a complete inventory of hardware spares at all times, so that we can perform replacements and repairs whenever and wherever required.

Greater return on network hardware investment

By keeping your network hardware operating in peak condition, and upholding OEM standards, CDS can greatly extend its lifespan. The longer your Cisco & Brocade devices remain in service, the greater the return on your hardware investments, creating additional value from your partnership with CDS.

Improved operational efficiency

Poorly maintained equipment is prone to failure or inefficient operation. Network support and maintenance services from CDS will ensure that the highest levels of performance are maintained, and that future problems are avoided.


"Since CDS took over maintenance we have not experienced any outages or intrusions – they have kept everything running in perfect order. This level of service coupled with a more than agreeable price has saved the US taxpayer a small fortune."

Charlie Tang, FAA (Contracting Officer)

Contact us today to discuss the specific benefits of network support and maintenance services and how CDS can increase the value of your systems without compromising your operations.

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