What if your post warranty storage hardware had another 5 years of life in it?

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What if?

That’s a question with endless possibilities and one which continues to drive us forward. With our deep knowledge of enterprise class storage systems, maintenance and support, we can help your business overcome many storage challenges - so what if there was a better way?

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What if your storage hardware had another 5 years of life in it?5 more years could yield 50% more ROI.

CDS support and maintenance services allow you to upgrade storage hardware when you decide. By breaking out of the OEM defined upgrade cycle, you can realize up to 50% more ROI on your assets.

Backed by expert support and maintenance - and guaranteed access to the spare parts you need - there’s no reason not to keep post warranty equipment online. And you keep annual capital spend low too.

What if you could solve the problem of escalating costs?New storage means higher costs.

Adding new storage is expensive. Capital investment in hardware including support and maintenance. Configuration, installation and migration costs. The list of costs goes on.

Redeploying post warranty hardware reduces capital spend and frees up internal resources. Partnering with CDS for support also lowers maintenance costs by up to 50%. These savings can be reinvested into strategic projects. Even if your costs do escalate, the recovered maintenance spend will help cover them.

When it comes to data center maintenance - there is a better way that reduces costs and keeps good hardware running.

What if you could expand your capacity using off-the-shelf hardware?If an OEM defines your data strategy, increasing capacity becomes expensive.

The one constant is the need for more capacity. Your vendor will advise adding additional arrays to cope. But without proper support for scalability and multi-tenancy, your data center quickly becomes over-provisioned at significant additional cost.

Redeploying post warranty hardware into a software defined storage infrastructure lets you to allocate and use capacity however you want. You can choose hardware from any vendor to build a true best-of-breed storage platform based on information driven SLAs. Your data center, the way you need it.

What if you could choose your own SLAs?A catch-all maintenance contract is a waste of money.

Your redeployed post warranty hardware still needs maintenance - but not every asset requires 4-hour onsite response coverage. In many cases, next business day is more than adequate.

CDS allows you to choose maintenance cover on a per asset basis. So you get exactly the level of coverage you need to keep systems running. But with a network of 5000+ engineers working in over 50 countries, we can still provide 4-hour onsite response SLAs if you want them.

What if you had a single point of contact for your multi-vendor data center?Simplify service management.

CDS is uniquely positioned to be able to deliver a vendor neutral non-biased advisory service, delivered by dedicated and experienced level 3 engineers. With genuine spare parts guaranteed, we cover support for storage, servers and networks.

Our best-in-class customer service for support, contracts and billing - all delivered from a single point of contact, means we can take the hassle out managing your multi-vendor environment while reduce your running costs too.

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