Choose your level of cover on a
per asset basis – now that’s flexibility!

Storage Maintenance and Support SLAs from CDS

CDS SLAs ensure you get the storage support you need, when you need it

With a customizable range of SLAs, storage maintenance contracts from CDS allow you balance response times and budgetary constraints without compromising the quality of support you receive.

Start customizing your service levels by selecting the OEM of your server, storage or network devices.

Find out how third party maintenance services from CDS will help your business.

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Custom SLAs from 4 hrs on-site to next business day

OEM storage providers usually apply a rigid service level agreement (SLA) across all of their contracts as standard. This SLA will apply to all of your arrays and servers, regardless of their importance to your operations. A four-hour on-site SLA will apply to mission-critical arrays and less important, secondary systems such as tape arrays.

With CDS you choose the SLA that best meets your needs, on a system-by-system basis. So your mission-critical arrays can be protected by four hour on-site agreements, while your secondary backup servers can be addressed next business day.

Never end up paying for support that you don't need.

Complete control of your contract costs

Instead of paying for levels of service you don’t need, the CDS approach ensures you never pay more than you have to. Choose the correct SLAs on a system-by-system basis and bring your maintenance costs back under control.

Choosing CDS to support and maintain your storage frees up budget for investment in other strategic projects that will move your business forwards. Without compromising the quality of support you receive.

Guaranteed OEM-approved spares

As well as guaranteed engineer support, your maintenance contract with CDS includes replacement spare parts for your systems too. A global network of warehouses, distribution centers and specialist engineers ensure that parts can be delivered and fitted within the SLA timeframes.

Every spare is OEM certified and approved for maximum compatibility with your storage systems. CDS offer OEM quality support and parts, without the price tag.

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