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There are dozens of factors that influence your choice of storage strategy - and most are related to business factors. But every choice has a personal cost too. Here are three ways OEMs ruin your life.

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Admin Overload

Every contract negotiation is a back-and-forward tussle. You want to pay as little as possible – the OEM wants to extract maximum income.

Which means you get caught up in an endless cycle of emails and calls as you try and negotiate an agreeable compromise – but it doesn’t have to be like that.

CDS always offer our best price first. What you see is what you get, reducing your admin overheads. And our contracts offer savings of up to 50% on the equivalent service from your OEM.

Wasting Time

I.T. is crucial to your strategy, and every minute spent in fruitless contract negotiations is time taken away from other projects. Projects that will drive the business forwards.

CDS is a full-service maintenance provider, so we take care of the administration and set-up. By providing best prices upfront and saving you time, you’ll have more resources available for the projects that really matter.

Loss of Sleep

With time and resources being diverted to time-wasting contract negotiations, you quickly create a backlog of work. If business hours are being eaten up by your OEM, that work has to be done in your personal time. Suddenly you’re working late nights and early mornings just to keep the lights on.

The easy option, renewing with your OEM, isn’t easy at all. Talk to CDS and we’ll help you restore your work-life balance.

EOSL post-warranty storage maintenance – giving you control of your data center.

CDS gives you back complete control of your data center – and your life.

Talk to us today to learn how CDS can save time, money and resources with:

  • Maintenance, parts and support for your post-warranty systems.
  • Multi-vendor support for a heterogeneous data center structure.
  • Migration and retirement projects.
  • Short-term interim support for retiring hardware.
  • Maintenance cost reduction.

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