Control and reduce data center costs with preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

The case for storage hardware support is well-established. When something goes wrong, you need the guarantee of assistance to bring systems back online.

But reactive support is just one part of the story. For total coverage, you also need preventative maintenance.

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Outsourcing preventative maintenance delivers a performance boost.

If your arrays have been largely neglected, they will slow down over time. You must carry out regular maintenance to free up disk space, optimize configuration and tune settings, or else your performance will degrade. IT departments busy fighting fires, scheduled maintenance tasks are often one of the first casualties when defining priorities.

Outsourcing preventative maintenance tasks to CDS allows you to stay on top of these routine tasks and to ensure that performance levels are upheld.

OEM quality support without the price tag.

Outsourcing preventative maintenance is a cost-reducing strategy.

Ending the costly break-fix cycle makes perfect sense. The earlier you can fix a technical problem, the less you will spend on repair costs. For instance a failed component may result in downtime at potentially massive cost
through loss of productivity.
Resolving issues before they are reported is not a standard service and will significantly increase the cost of your OEM maintenance contract.
However, the trick is to look at third-party support options like those provided by CDS. Our contracts are typically 50% lower cost than the OEM equivalent and include 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of supported systems.
Immediately you are not only controlling costs but reducing them, too.

Outsourcing preventative maintenance should be a key aspect of your decommissioning stop-gap strategy.

The transition between storage platforms, particularly if they are from different vendors, is a period of potential high risk. You need to be sure that your older system maintains 100% uptime as data is migrated to the replacement platform.

Supporting an old platform while spinning up its replacement is incredibly resource-intensive. The more people, time and budget you divert towards the old platform, the less you have available for commissioning your new storage.

The safest way to ensure you have the resources you need, when you need them, is to outsource preventative maintenance responsibilities to a specialist like CDS. Our team of product specialists have the knowledge, skills and experience to maintain or decommission legacy systems, allowing you to focus all of your resources on commissioning the replacement.

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