Breathing new life into your post warranty storage.

Post Warranty Support Services

Post-warranty doesn’t mean end-of-life. CDS extend the lifespan of your storage hardware to boost ROI and reduce TCO.

New cars and storage arrays have more in common than you think. Every new car is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against defect and failure – and your servers are the same.

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End of warranty, not end of life

But when the warranty on your car expires, you don’t just replace it. Instead you find a third-party mechanic who can take over maintenance and servicing. You should even see a reduction in your annual maintenance and running costs.

The same is true of your server hardware. When the OEM’s warranty expires, your arrays won’t automatically self-destruct. In fact, they will continue running exactly as they always have done – with the post warranty support service from CDS.

Post warranty support from CDS can extend the usable lifespan of your arrays by another three to five years.

Your storage, your way

Your business will realize an increased return on investment – and make cost savings that can be reinvested in the strategic projects that will drive business growth.

The switch to third party support is seamless, and your storage continues to operate as normal. Will you notice any difference? Aside from an improvement in responsiveness and reduced time to fix, probably not. Which is crucial to delivering a consistent service to your service users.

By choosing third party post-warranty support you regain control of your upgrade strategy too. You are free to upgrade or retire arrays when you choose, not just because the OEM has decided to withdraw support for your hardware.

Post warranty, top quality service

Choosing post warranty support services from CDS delivers several significant benefits:

  • Annual maintenance contract cost reductions of up to 50%
  • 3 – 5 years additional service from your storage, increasing ROI
  • Full control of hardware lifecycle – upgrade when you decide
  • Access to OEM-approved spares for all of your supported systems – even after official support ends
  • Customizable support coverage options, including 4-hour onsite service, anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-vendor support options or all your storage assets, simplifying the maintenance contract management process.

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