When it comes to renewing OEM maintenance contracts - let's talk.

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Third-Party Maintenance: When Should You Start Talking to CDS?

If your organization is committed to reducing operating costs and maximizing IT budget, you’ve probably considered third party maintenance. Not only would this lower annual support contract costs, but also allow you to retain fully-functioning disk arrays beyond official end of service life.

So when should you start talking to a maintenance provider like CDS about making the switch away from your OEM?

Let’s talk and we’ll show you how our storage maintenance services can help your business get ahead.

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When your account manager starts talking upgrades - let’s talk.

As you enter the final year of your maintenance contract, your account manager will broach the subject of upgrades. By persuading you to upgrade, the OEM sells more hardware and ties you into another lengthy, expensive support contract.

The start of those conversations is an excellent reminder to begin assessing alternative provisions from CDS. Our maintenance contracts are typically 50% less than the OEM equivalent - without any compromise in the quality of support you receive.

When it comes to data center maintenance - there is a better way that reduces costs and keeps good hardware running.

When your current contract enters its final year - let’s talk.

You can always get a head start on your account manager by contacting third parties in advance. In fact, early discussions with a third party could provide leverage to reduce costs during contract negotiations with the OEM.

At least then you will know what options are available to you. Like having the flexibility to choose the level of cover that fits your business and budget - from 4hrs to Next Business Day.

When your migration project starts to overrun - let’s talk.

It may be that you’re in the process of migrating between hardware platforms, but your existing support contract will expire before the project completes. Should this happen, the OEM will insist on a new 12-month contract to support the soon-to-be redundant systems – even if you only need coverage for a few more months.

CDS can provide interim support coverage as a stop-gap during your project. We can ensure you have the support, maintenance and parts required, and help you contain overrun costs in the process. In reality, the best day to start talking about third-party support is today.

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