Get the competitive advantage and learn from the storage mistakes others are making.

Learn from Storage Mistakes

Your competitors are making all of these mistakes – which presents you with an opportunity. Avoid these mistakes and your storage strategy will deliver increased value – and free up funds for strategic investment.

CDS gives you back complete control of your data center. Something your competitors don’t have if they stay tied to their OEM. Are you ready to learn more?

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Mistake 1: Retiring storage too early

When your OEM declares a system end-of-life it does not simply stop working. EoSL is simply a tool to keep customers like you buying new hardware on a regular basis.

The longer you can keep storage systems in play, the greater your return on investment. So it makes little sense to retire hardware that continues to deliver value.

Your competitors continually make the mistake of retiring storage too early – but you can escape the trap. CDS specialize in post-warranty support services that will extend the lifespan of your systems indefinitely, freeing funds for investment in strategic projects that will increase profitability.

Mistake 2: Renewing support contracts with your OEM

Support contracts are an important revenue stream for every OEM – which is why your account manager always gives the hard sell come renewal time. If they can’t sell you new hardware, an expensive new support contract will do.

But you know the score – a new contract lasts up to five years. And the cost increases by up to 20% every year – not that you get anything extra for that increase.

Renewing support contracts with your OEM simply increases running costs, leaving less money to spend on strategic projects that will help grow your business.

Choosing third party support from CDS reduces contract costs by as much as 50% - every, single year. Those savings can then be pushed back into strategic projects that will deliver a much-needed advantage over your less savvy competitors.

Mistake 3: Maintaining a single vendor environment

OEMs regularly promise improved performance by committing your entire data infrastructure to a single vendor. But what if their hardware strategy does not align with yours?

Building a homogeneous environment may simplify contract management – but it may also reduce your options moving forward. Your data center is tied directly to the OEM’s sales strategy – which means you cannot build a truly flexible infrastructure required by a business undergoing digital transformation.

Propping up your OEM’s profits may come at the expense of your own success.

Partnering with CDS allows you to build a best-of-breed data storage platform. Our vendor-agnostic support and maintenance services free you to choose the very best hardware from any OEM for maximum flexibility.

EOSL post-warranty storage maintenance – get the competitive advantage

CDS gives you back complete control of your data center. Something your competitors don’t have if they stay tied to their OEM.

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  • Migration and retirement projects.
  • Short-term interim support for retiring hardware.
  • Maintenance cost reduction.

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