Are you ready for Dell EMC’s VMAX3 end of warranty?

VMAX3 Remote Monitoring Available Now

VMAX3 Users – Welcome to the future of storage maintenance

In a world first, CDS release RAYTRIX ESS offering VMAX3 support, giving you the proactive support and maintenance without the OEM overheads. Real-time monitoring and alerting is critical to maintaining system uptime – and the cost to Dell EMC customers for that service has been substantial. But with the latest release of RAYTRIX ESS, there is a credible, cost-effective alternative.

RAYTRIX ESS has been helping maintain uptime and performance for Symmetrix users for more than 15 years. And now that same legendary technology and service is available to EMC VMAX3 users for the first time.

VMAX3 owners are now able to better control their support and maintenance costs as CDS deliver predictive, preventative services to maximize uptime. Remote access and monitoring functionality helps customers avoid the traditional break/fix cycle that adds to operating costs – or keeps them locked into OEM support contracts.

What does this mean for VMAX3 customers?

For the first time ever, VMAX 100K, 200K, 400K & All-Flash users now have a credible third party support alternative. Proactive monitoring was once restricted to customers with an active EMC maintenance contract, but RAYTRIX ESS gives them a choice.

RAYTRIX ESS elevates the third party support experience by providing:

  • Remote event monitoring and analysis, allowing CDS to provide proactive support and maintenance, acting earlier to prevent outages and downtime.
  • Heartbeat monitoring, ensuring real-time communication with CDS Level 3 engineers.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools for performing low-level maintenance tasks, and verification of the health of your VMAX3 array.
  • Automated scripting tools to hot swap disk drives, directors and other maintenance hardware – without needing on-site engineer visits.
  • Additional script automation for invoking or removing hot spares, releasing software locks or performing environmental tasks like viewing or resetting alarms.
  • Remote SSL connectivity to guarantee secure, array-level access for CDS engineers.

RAYTRIX ESS gives you all the monitoring and support functions of SYMMWIN – but without the need to maintain a costly EMC maintenance contract. Talk to us today.

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Why is RAYTRIX ESS unique?

More than simply being the world’s first third party remote support tool for EMC VMAX3 arrays, RAYTRIX ESS has a 15-year pedigree of success. Developed exclusively for CDS, the suite provides event monitoring, event call home and system level diagnostics for immediate analysis and action by our Level 3 engineers.

Importantly, RAYTRIX ESS does not infringe EMC’s microcode or licensing copyright laws. This allows CDS to deliver OEM-class remote support, and to provide customers with a genuine choice when it comes to supporting their post-warranty VMAX3 arrays.

CDS is the only company anywhere in the world with a complete EMC VMAX3 maintenance solution using Raytrix ESS. This innovative product – and our team of exceptional Level 3 engineers - makes CDS a world leader in the provision of enterprise storage maintenance and support.

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