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CDS Raytrix ESS™ Monitoring and Maintenance

CDS Raytrix ESS™ enables us to deliver OEM-class support for Dell EMC Symmetrix systems without infringing software licensing rules. Now also covering the VMAX 100K, 200K, 400K, All-Flash Storage Arrays

Most IT systems today are designed for reliability, availability and serviceability. When problems occur, built-in redundancy and intelligence ensures systems continue to operate, although possibly degraded and with less resilience in the event of a second failure.

Raytrix ESS™ monitoring and maintenance services proactively monitor for intermittent and recoverable errors, so corrective action can be planned in advance. This proactive approach helps to avoid system performance issues when a component finally goes into a failed or degraded state.

CDS use Raytrix ESS™ to provide you with predictive, preventative services to maximize up-time, instead of traditional more invasive break/fix maintenance processes. 

CDS can also monitor system capacity and performance, and offer services to maximize the return on your Symmetrix investment. Our product certified specialists provide advice and guidance on the optimal use of Dell EMC systems that we support.

Why does Raytrix ESS™ matter?

Raytrix ESS (Enterprise Storage Solution) enables CDS to deliver OEM quality service for the Dell EMC Symmetrix® line of products. Raytrix ESS currently supports Dell EMC Symmetrix hardware ranging from 4.0 to the VMAX and VMAX3 arrays.

Raytrix ESS dramatically improves the quality of service we can offer you, through:

  • Event monitoring and analysis, allowing us to provide proactive support and avert potential failures.
  • Heartbeat monitoring on a daily or weekly basis, ensuring constant communication with CDS engineers.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools allowing us to perform maintenance tasks and verify the integrity of your Symmetrix machine via the Symmetrix directors and Communications and Environmental Boards.
  • Automated scripting tools allowing CDS EMC storage support personnel to hot swap disk drives, directors and other concurrent maintenance hardware on the Symmetrix platform.
  • Additional automated scripts for invoking or removing hot spares, releasing software locks or performing environmental tasks like viewing or resetting alarms.
  • Remote SSL connectivity allowing us to work securely within your network environments and to be fully compatible with the Raytrix ESS software. (All Raytrix ESS products also support modem connectivity for legacy systems and sites where Ethernet connectivity is not available).

Why is Raytrix ESS unique?

Raytrix ESS was developed exclusively for CDS as a stand-alone product that delivers event monitoring, event call home and system level diagnostics without infringing on Dell EMC’s microcode or licensing copyright laws.

Using Raytrix ESS, CDS can deliver OEM-class support services to Dell EMC storage users – particularly valuable to organisations using post-warranty hardware.

Raytrix ESS allows your business to retain all the monitoring features of SYMMWIN, without the need to maintain a costly Dell EMC support agreement.

CDS is the only company with a complete EMC Symmetrix maintenance solution using Raytrix ESS. This innovative product sets CDS apart from its competition and has helped to establish the company as a leader in the enterprise storage maintenance arena.

Raytrix ESS helps CDS set the standard for multivendor maintenance and support but ESS is only part of the equation. The CDS maintenance team is second to none.  We pride ourselves in hiring only the best and the brightest specialists capable of handling any situation. This incredibly talented and devoted group of people is really what makes CDS special and delivers market-leading levels of service to you.


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