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Simplify and streamline your data storage hardware support and maintenance provisions with vendor agnostic services from CDS

CDS is uniquely positioned to be able to deliver a vendor neutral, unbiased advisory service for your post-warranty storage hardware. By partnering with CDS, you can consolidate support contracts and reduce the maintenance costs for your storage assets.

Maintenance and support services are delivered by OEM-qualified, experienced level 3 engineers. In fact, all incoming support calls are routed directly to a level 3 engineer, helping to reduce the time to fix.

Performance, availability and reliability

CDS helps maximize the value of your storage assets by verifying and optimizing the configuration of your infrastructure. From the outset, our engineers will ensure you realize maximum performance from your assets – even post-warranty equipment.

Our ongoing support and maintenance services then ensure the availability and reliability of your post-warranty storage hardware. Even after your OEM has withdrawn long term support, our engineers can be on site in as little as two hours to assist.

We also offer a range of complementary services designed to manage the full lifecycle of your storage hardware so you get the very best from your systems. And with a multi-million dollar repository of spare parts for all clients’ systems, we can organize replacements before performance degrades.

Higher returns and lower total cost of ownership

CDS provide a complete end-to-end vendor agnostic maintenance and support services for all of your enterprise storage systems. Our post warranty maintenance contracts help you realize an additional 3-5 years value from your post-warranty hardware investments for instance.

By extending use beyond the OEM’s end of service life period, you will lower the total cost of ownership and increase ROI for every asset we support. And to make sure you continue to receive OEM-class support for your post warranty assets, all of our Level 3 engineers are fully OEM certified. In fact, most join CDS direct from the OEM’s product support teams.

The spare parts safety net

Sourcing spares for post warranty systems is also greatly simplified by partnering with CDS. We maintain a multi-million dollar inventory of spares to protect all of our client’s storage systems. With multiple global locations, we can have spares shipped to your site in as little as two hours – almost anywhere in the world.

This extensive inventory is backed by our in house labs which test and analyze every system used by our clients. These proactive assessments allow us to identify the most common causes of hardware failure, and implement proactive fixes for our customers. Which means that they experience fewer failures, and improved reliability and availability.

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"Greatly appreciate your support - the service provided was above my expectations, better than my previous experience with the OEM"

Eugene, International Construction Company (IT Manager)

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