The key challenge facing your firm is to reduce telecoms subscriber churn – and the majority of your IT projects will be built around this goal. As a result, you’re expected to develop programs that allow you to offer customers a better deal – or lose them to a competitor who can.

The key will be to better understand your customers, their preferences and how your services match up. Using big data analytics, you can even identify and recommend services that customers never realized they even needed – a legal duty within EU member states.

In the B2B market, your business is duty bound to provide uninterrupted telecoms and broadband service to corporate customers. Your back end data systems have to be operational and optimized to deliver the highest quality service possible. You can then collect the metrics required for measuring KPIs, and to provide the raw information needed for your big data programs.

In Australia and the European Union, telecoms providers are required to retain metadata for every call and connection made by their customers. The UK’s Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act places additional burden on your infrastructure, greatly increasing capacity requirements every year.

With so much data in circulation, many telecoms providers simply do not have the time or resources to move data and retire older hardware according to the demands of their vendor’s upgrade program. Instead they need to find a way to extend the lifespan of existing hardware to maintain availability until a permanent solution can be found – including keeping those older assets as a permanent part of their strategy moving forward.

In the B2B market, your business is duty bound to provide uninterrupted telecoms and broadband service to corporate customers.

How can CDS help?

CDS provide cost-effective support and maintenance for storage hardware from most major vendors. 

Reduced-cost capacity increase

Managing the exponential growth of customer data means constantly adding new capacity. Further pressure is added by your OEM’s upgrade cycle, which demands that you replace older equipment regularly.

Because CDS provide support and maintenance services for post-warranty storage, future expenditure can be focused on buying new capacity that you actually need. And to escape the vendor defined upgrade cycle.

Using CDS to extend the lifespan of your storage arrays and controllers allows you to expand capacity for your big data program, and to significantly cut costs in the process.

Vendor-agnostic storage maintenance services

For telecoms providers offering cloud services to their customers, the need for capacity is even more important. Your customers expect elastic provisioning – and you have to deliver it.

In cloud services, the best ratio of cost to flexibility is realized using hardware from several vendors. Unfortunately this creates a significant administrative overhead when managing support and maintenance – particularly in the event of a technical issue.

CDS are vendor-agnostic; our engineers can maintain equipment in both homogenous and heterogeneous environments. Which means that you can build an infrastructure that suits your customers’ needs, not your hardware vendor’s.

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Every support and maintenance service offered by CDS is fully compliant with industry regulations.

Fully-compliant data management services

Protecting customer confidentiality remains a major concern for the telecoms industry – as well as being a legal requirement. Every support and maintenance service offered by CDS is fully compliant with these regulations, helping to maintain the standards by which your business is judged.

From routine maintenance using our unique Raytrix ESS™ remote support tool, to secure data migration, everything CDS does is designed to adhere to the highest security and confidentiality standards. 

Third party maintenance and support services from CDS offer your firm additional choices in how to handle the challenges of the telecoms industry. We can help you realise an even greater return on your storage investment, and reduce the cost of increasing capacity to meet the challenges of your big data future. Our vendor-agnostic, post-warranty support and maintenance services allow you to break free from vendor control of your data center, and to build infrastructure that better serves your customers.

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