The manufacturing industry is particularly sensitive to performance bottlenecks and outages.

Any downtime related issue that affects the production line could cost millions of dollars as productivity drops and output falls. The long-term effects on corporate reputation could be even more damaging if client orders cannot be fulfilled according to contractual obligations.

Despite your organization’s dependency on IT systems, the CTO and CIO are under constant pressure to contain costs. Shareholder demand for healthy profits mean that already thin margins have to be protected – and that extra cash for hardware storage is not always available.

The inter-linked nature of the modern supply chain means that data availability is crucial to raw material suppliers, transporters and manufacturers alike. Real-time monitoring and tracking combined with the ability to compare against historical information help to improve forecasting and purchasing accuracy.

The CTO is expected to make data available to both internal and external stakeholders. Often without any additional funding to cover the exponential growth of the data being held.

The move towards Industry 4.0, data-driven manufacturing places your storage capabilities under intense scrutiny. Big data is set to get much bigger as IoT sensors generate vast amounts of information that needs to be stored, collated and analysed as quickly as possible. Particularly as extrusion and 3D printing is added to more traditional manufacturing techniques.

Asset utilization is an important part of the Agile production line – and the CTO will be expected to demonstrate similar capabilities within the IT infrastructure.

"The average cost of downtime is about $100,000 per hour, although it can go as high as $1.6 million per hour for some manufacturers"

-IDC Technology Spotlight

How can CDS help?

CDS operates a global network of more than 5000 field engineers, able to reach almost any site in under 4 hours. And because our helpdesk is staffed solely by certified Level 3 engineers, we can significantly reduce the time to repair for every service request.

Post warranty support and maintenance services

Your existing systems are stable and reliable, helping the entire supply chain operate smoothly and efficiently. But if hardware reaches OEM end-of-life, that stability could be jeopardised.

Initial teething problems caused by hardware migrations and software patches all place production at risk – and increase operating costs during the transition. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

CDS provide vendor-agnostic support and maintenance services for post-warranty systems from most leading storage vendors. Which gives you three to five more years to delay an upgrade, realizing improved ROI on your hardware assets in the process.

We also hold a multi-million spare part inventory, with spares for every system under maintenance contract with CDS. We can deliver spares along with a qualified engineer at any of your offices or factories in as little as four hours.

Importantly, post-warranty support services from CDS are significantly cheaper than a storage upgrade – and your current maintenance contract with the OEM. So your total cost of ownership decreases too.

Hardware migration services

When your firm decides to switch storage vendors, CDS engineers can provide interim cover for your outgoing systems, minimizing the potential impact on your production line. And with our multi-vendor experience, we can smooth the transition, dealing with technical issues that your new OEM may not have encountered previously on your legacy hardware.

CDS can also arrange to keep your legacy systems running in parallel post-migration, or arrange to have them re-deployed, providing additional capacity for new analytics programs without any further capital investment. Our team also arranges safe, secure asset disposal, ensuring sensitive IP is not lost or stolen when retiring hardware. Where appropriate, our engineers will also advise how best to reclaim any residual value from each asset.

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Delaying a storage hardware refresh allows you to work assets harder for up to five more years.

Proactive monitoring and maintenance

More than simply providing rapid response support for storage hardware failures, CDS also offer proactive monitoring and maintenance services to keep systems running optimally – and prevent storage outages. Our unique Raytrix ESS™ remote monitoring tool is used to provide advance warning of system issues, so engineers can resolve problems early.

Built using our own proprietary code, Raytrix ESS™ is compatible with storage systems without violating any OEM licensing terms. And because Raytrix ESS™ offers similar functionality to vendor tools, CDS can provide your organisation with an OEM-class remote monitoring and maintenance solution – at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your firm is looking to extend your development capabilities, build a software-defined platform for the future, or to simply reduce support and maintenance costs, the CDS team is able to assist. Our money-saving services free up budget for investment in other strategic IT projects and ensure you extract maximum return on investment from your storage hardware.

To learn more about CDS and how we can help improve the storage systems powering your manufacturing processes, please get in touch.

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