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As an IT services company, your business has a duty to blaze a trail, using cutting edge tech to deliver the best possible service, in the most efficient way, to your customers.

The drive for digital transformation exists across all industries but IT and technology companies must assist their customers with transformative projects, and model the same capabilities in-house. 

Indeed, your industry knowledge and experience is what sets you apart in the cut-throat world of IT services. But even if your business is busy building cloud solutions for your clients, should you use the same technologies? Or could you be doing things more inventively in house?

Your IT services firm faces similar challenges to every other business, including those outside the IT industry – particularly in terms of storage capacity.

And even if your in-house IT budget is slightly higher than the industry average, the CTO is still expected to deliver increased efficiency and ROI for every dollar spent. Problematically, the majority of the budget – including any annual contract increases – will be spent on maintaining existing systems. 

With OEM maintenance and support contracts inflating by up to 20% each year, you become less able to invest in the projects and developments that will help keep your business moving forwards.

 You find yourself in a very similar position to the clients you are trying to help; limited growth options because too much of the budget is spent keeping the lights on. The more you spend on support and maintenance, the less you have to invest in strategic projects.

Extending the lifespan of existing storage assets makes perfect sense – particularly when CDS can deliver OEM-class support for significantly less than your vendor.

Your business can also push systems and arrays back into service to increase storage capacity and potentially upgrade legacy infrastructure to provide a company-wide performance boost. Reusing tried and trusted hardware in this way avoids the learning curve typically associated with new systems and software, helping to maintain productivity in front and back-office operations.

Obviously the use of post-warranty systems raises concerns about obsolescence, but backed by an experienced third party support and maintenance provider, this becomes less of an issue. And if your partner can guarantee access to OEM-approved spares for every supported system, you can significantly de-risk the process.

Facing demand for increased storage capacity and platform flexibility, CTOs are under pressure to make their budgets stretch further.

How can CDS help?

From our headquarters in New Jersey, CDS oversee a network of more than 5000 field engineers across the world. Our helpdesk is staffed by deeply experienced Level 3 engineers who assume responsibility for each service request, seeing them through to their conclusion.

This highly experienced team allows us to provide OEM-class services to the IT service industry at significantly lower cost than an equivalent maintenance contract from your vendor. These are just some of the services we offer:

Hardware migration services

Whether your business is upgrading to hardware from a new vendor, or moving even more of your capacity to the cloud, CDS can assist. As a provider of truly vendor-agnostic services, we can provide the support and maintenance you need for legacy systems during the migration and transition phase for instance.

This approach ensures that the process completes successfully, and that you have the coverage and protection you need throughout. By partnering with CDS, you can also significantly reduce costs by avoiding the need for costly, post-warranty support from the OEM.


More importantly still, interim support services from CDS ensure complete continuity of operations and avoid downtime. And we’re always happy to work alongside your team to deliver migration services to your clients too.

This approach ensures that the process completes successfully, and that you have the coverage and protection you need throughout. By partnering with CDS, you can also significantly reduce costs by avoiding the need for costly, post-warranty support from the OEM.

Post-warranty support and maintenance services

CDS support and maintain a broad range of storage systems from all the major vendors including EMC, NetApp, IBM and Cisco. The post-warranty maintenance offering allows you to extend the lifespan of your storage assets beyond the end of service life limit defined by your OEM. With up to five years extra use, you will be able to retain your existing stable operating environment and realize an increased return on investment. You will also reduce the complexity of your operating environment because you are not adding new systems to suit your vendor’s upgrade cycle.

To reduce the possibility of experiencing a data loss event, or significant downtime, CDS maintains a multi-million dollar spare parts inventory, so we can deliver and fit spares in as little as four hours. 

We also provide 7x24x365 proactive monitoring and maintenance using our unique Raytrix ESS™ support tool. Our experienced, OEM-trained engineers can monitor and fix problems remotely before a data loss or outage can occur. Our SLAs are tied to yours, ensuring you can deliver the service your internal stakeholders demand.

The savings realized through third party support can then be re-invested in other strategic IT projects. The CTO really will be able to do more with less.

network cables plugged into rack mounted units
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A multi-million dollar spare parts inventory ensures your post-warranty hardware is fully protected.

Hardware redeployment and upgrade services

Following a hardware refresh or migration project, CDS is happy to advise how your business can recoup residual value from redundant assets. Where systems are no longer required, we can arrange for secure disposal or resale, releasing some cash for reinvestment elsewhere.

We can also help to repurpose assets for use as part of a software defined storage platform, building a commoditized infrastructure to reduce costs and bring cloud-like flexibility to your data center.

Choosing SDS allows you to offer a flexible computing infrastructure that adjusts to the demands of your digital transformation program.

Our huge spare part inventory also allows us to provide you with storage upgrades, populating spare disk slots for instance, to further increase capacity. This cost-effective option keeps your existing, stable platforms in place, and to extract further returns on investment.

 Whether your business needs to extend its development capabilities, complete migration to a new storage platform, or to build a future-ready SDS infrastructure, CDS has a service to assist – and to save you money in the process. Withdrawal of support by your OEM does not mean that post-warranty systems have reached the end of their usable, profitable life.

We’re also happy to help with your client accounts, providing support, maintenance and migration services to those accounts still using post-warranty storage hardware.

Discover more about CDS and how we serve businesses in the IT and tech sector, please get in touch.

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