Helping the world's most dynamic
industry sectors protect and utilize
their valuable data.


CDS provides a wide range of services for today’s dynamic global industries. From financial services, to infrastructure and energy, to information technology, manufacturing and healthcare, CDS’s expertise and support is renowned..

Over the past 20 years we have gained a unique perspective of the challenges facing these industries and others, developing solutions to meet them and delivering the quality of service our customers require.

Within the finance industry there are multi directional competing forces at work and pressure to keep costs low within an environment of security and strict compliance.

Utilities, energy & infrastructure also face multi faceted challenges. There is pressure to open up the sharing of information and to break down data silos, whilst operationally supporting consumer billing systems. Well maintained storage systems are absolutely essential.

The fast moving, dynamic, IT sector has a reputation for innovation and developing bleeding edge solutions. Information Technology businesses, however, are still required to deliver ROI and face similar cost challenges to other industries. IT budgets are higher here and capacity planning is crucial.

The manufacturing industry has its own particular data center storage requirements. Manufacturing is highly sensitive to supply chain and production line outages. The supply chain relies on information and inefficiencies here will directly affect downstream production with incumbent penalties. In automotive manufacting there are huge sanctions for delays in supply.

On the production side, operational server or storage issues could potentially cost millions of dollars, as assembly lines cease working. The CEO, reporting directly to company shareholders, absolutely has to maintain performance, at a reasonable cost.


Electronic health records (EHR) are widely used within the global healthcare industry. The vast majority of hospitals have now switched over to using these datasets, for use within patient care. Data volumes are rapidly increasing. These records need to be available at all times, if patient health is not to be compromised.

Furthermore, electronic health records should be properly secured to protect patient confidentiality. Cost effective storage of long term electronic health archive information must be considered by every healthcare body.

Whatever your industry sector, CDS realises the value that information holds for your business. Server, storage and networking technology, supported and maintained at the highest standard, is crucial in protecting this critical digital asset.

Whether your focus is maintenance cost containment, interim support, secure data transfer, hardware migration, data storage standardization, 3rd party maintenance, asset value reclaim or secure data destruction, CDS has your every need covered.

Our business approach and services are aligned to ensure your information assets are available when you need them while reducing the probability of a data loss event.

With a worldwide network of trusted engineers to provide onsite assistance and advice, CDS offers the flexible set of support and response plans that your business-critical data storage infrastructure demands.