Helping the world’s most dynamic industry sectors protect and utilize their valuable data.

Electronic health records (EHR) are widely used within the global healthcare industry and datasets are rapidly expanding. These records need to be available at all times, if patient health is not to be compromised.

Within the finance industry there are multi directional competing forces at work and pressure to keep costs low within an environment of security and strict compliance.

Utilities, energy & infrastructure face multi faceted challenges. There is pressure to open up the sharing of information and to break down data silos, whilst operationally supporting consumer billing systems. Well maintained storage systems are essential.

The drive for digital transformation exists across all industries but IT and technology companies must assist their customers with transformative projects, and model the same capabilities in-house.

The manufacturing industry is particularly sensitive to performance bottlenecks and outages. CDS operates a global network of more than 5000 field engineers, able to reach almost any site in under 4 hours.

Managing the exponential growth of customer data means constantly adding new capacity. CDS provide multi-vendor support and maintenance for post-warranty storage so future expenditure can be focused on buying new capacity.