Why choose a third party maintenance provider for your data centre?
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Third Party Maintenance Essential Guide

Through fear, uncertainty and doubt, hardware OEMs will have you believe that you should not deviate from their defined upgrade path.

It pays to cut through the data centre myths as most organizations will benefit from partnering with a third party maintenance provider. The benefits of third party services are significant - and should definitely be considered next time your OEM support contract comes up for renewal.

Download our free essential guide 

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Benefits of Third Party Maintenance

  • Cost savings of between 30% and 50% on the equivalent OEM contract.
  • Increased ROI on existing IT hardware assets.
  • Break free from the vendor-defined upgrade cycle and build a data center that meets your needs. 
  • Reduced disruption and downtime caused by unnecessary hardware upgrades.
  • Access to legacy hardware support skills that the vendor may no longer be able to offer.
  • Spare parts for all your supported post warranty systems.
  • Support for a multi-vendor operating environment.

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