Helping you make informed decisions in the data center

The data center environment is complex and ever evolving. With our series of case studies, webinars and white papers  we aim to keep you informed on as many aspects as possible, to help you in your decision making process.

Our case studies focus on a client and industry whilst our white papers discuss the arguments around an industry topic or trend. Our webinars invite you to hear, in real time, from clients and senior executives at CDS about the value our organization can generate within your data center.

Each one of our case studies is a stand alone example, of a client, working with CDS, in their particular industry sector, to solve problems and overcome challenges within an environment of lowering costs.

If you need an easy way to understand your end of service life options and the benefits of using a third party maintenance provider, our essential guides outline everything you need to know.

In our series of white papers we discuss a range of topics within the data center field, providing you with the insight and knowledge you need as part of the decision making process.

CDS webinars aim to educate and inform on a wide range of issues within the data center marketplace. Often hosted by a senior member of the CDS team, they typically involve our clients giving first hand accounts of their experience working with CDS and the value generated.

"Since CDS took over maintenance we have not experienced any outages or intrusions – they have kept everything running in perfect order. This level of service coupled with a more than agreeable price has saved the US taxpayer a small fortune."

Charlie Tang, FAA (Contracting Officer)