NetApp ® Maintenance

A comprehensive NetApp ® maintenance plan needs two key elements:

  1. Access to knowledgeable product experts who can help diagnose and troubleshoot faults.
  2. Reliable and timely access to spare parts to reduce downtime in the event of component failure.

And by partnering with CDS to provide NetApp maintenance services, you will receive both. From the moment a problem is first raised, our team of Level 3 engineers will be on hand to guide you through the resolution process. 

Where a hardware fault is identified, our engineers will immediately arrange for delivery of parts, and organise a site visit to fit them.

Comprehensive component inventory

CDS maintains a complete inventory of every spare part for every NetApp appliance supported. And like every other aspect of the CDS NetApp data center maintenance service, you can be assured of the very highest quality.

All spares carried by CDS are OEM-approved, ensuring maximum compatibility and minimum fuss when arranging a swap. CDS never use unapproved or third party components, guaranteeing your equipment continues to function with the greatest efficiency and lessening the risk of causing secondary failures.

CDS also carry spares for any post warranty NetApp hardware covered by your support contract to ensure that older equipment can also continue to deliver ROI.

Speedy and efficient delivery

Depending on your NetApp maintenance and parts contract, CDS could have spares delivered to your site in as a little as four hours. One of our highly-qualified Level 3 engineers will then meet the part on site and fit it immediately.

CDS maintains a global network of experienced engineers to ensure that the parts you need and delivered and fitted as quickly as possible to keep downtime to the bare minimum.

Destruction tested components

CDS also maintain an onsite test facility for assessing the relative weaknesses of NetApp parts. In this way our engineers have a better understanding of:

  • The most likely causes of hardware failure.
  • The way in which hardware fails, helping to identify causes of failure quicker.
  • How to remove and refit faulty components quickly.

The CDS difference

CDS are committed to delivering the highest levels of service, investing time and resources whenever needed to exceed your expectations and to keep your business running smoothly. By choosing NetApp data center maintenance services from CDS you can rest assured that lowering your total cost of ownership is our primary concern. 

Contact us todayto find out more about our, post warranty, NetApp data center maintenance offerings and how we can help you extend product lifecycles and reduce total cost of ownership.