How to fund your NetApp ® IoT deployment

Enterprise-class organizations are already struggling to stay on top of the annual growth of data capacity demands. But the adoption of Internet of Things technologies will cause demand to accelerate exponentially.

NetApp report that one of their customers, a car manufacturer, had generated 14 petabytes of data in recent years. As their driverless car program came online, IoT sensors began generating a further 4.5 petabytes every two months or so.

When the Cloud doesn’t work

Although the cloud offers a relatively cost effective storage repository, the latency involved in processing data off-site can create problems. Many of the most valuable insights from IoT sensors are observed and actioned in near real-time. But the latency of accessing and processing data off-site means that the cloud is not ideal for handling real-time information.

NetApp suggest that customers branching into IoT should migrate to their Data Fabric product line because of its exceptional capabilities for handling huge volumes of information. Intelligent data management functionality unites on-site systems and the cloud so that IoT data is available where you need it, when you need it.

NetApp’s Data Fabric is brilliant – but expensive

Data Fabric is an excellent solution for existing NetApp customers looking to cope with the infrastructure demands of IoT. However you will need to invest heavily in modernizing your infrastructure to take full advantage of Data Fabric.

Much of your budget is already spent ‘keeping the lights on’, so where can you find the additional funds required to invest in a growing IoT program?

Extending lifespans

One of the most effective ways to free up funds for investment in Data Fabric infrastructure is to extend the lifespan of your existing NetApp storage assets in addition to other post-warranty or EoSL assets. Simply choosing to extend the lifespan of your existing assets by a further three to five years beyond official End of Service Life (EoSL) can create significant savings on service and maintenance costs for instance.

Choosing to maintain post-Warranty and EoSL assets also allows you to build additional flexibility into your migration plans, proceeding at your own pace with equipment of your choice. EoSL hardware is generally more than up to the task of supporting second-line operations when backed by a suitable NetApp post-warranty maintenance contract for instance.

By partnering with CDS we can help you afford the purchase of your new NetApp Data Fabric infrastructure by:

  • Maximizing the capabilities and use of existing assets to increase the return on investment for each.
  • Providing OEM-quality proactive support and maintenance for your post-warranty NetApp storage hardware.
  • Allowing you to define contract terms that match your operational needs and budgetary constraints.

In fact, CDS maintenance contract are typically 40% - 70% less than your agreements with your existing OEM vendors, so the savings quickly mount up. CDS can even provide support for many of your other EoSL hardware assets, allowing you to further reduce running costs.

And every dollar saved, is another that can be put towards your NetApp Data Fabric IoT project.

To learn more about how CDS can help you free up cash for re-investment in a NetApp-powered IoT solution, please get in touch.