As part of their comprehensive EMC ® premium support offerings, CDS provide multi level support EMC storage software. And just like out other EMC support packages, EMC software support provisions are fully flexible, allowing you to select the level of technical coverage you need to keep systems running efficiently.

This flexibility ensures that your business only ever pays for the EMC tech support provisions you need – saving money that might be otherwise spent on unnecessary coverage. 

Post warranty EMC software support services

When EMC has ended official support for a product, CDS will continue to look after it according to business requirements. By extending the life of your storage system you lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase your return on investment (ROI), directly impacting your bottom line. 

CDS provides on going software support for EMC storage systems well beyond what the OEM deems to be end of life. This software support is provided as a helpdesk enhancement and does not cover patches or updates. Tier 1 and tier 2 support is available and covers installation, configuration, troubleshooting, tuning and integration. Our consultants also offer EMC software upgrade services when the time comes to modernize your storage infrastructure.

At some point the OEM will discontinue support for a product. In general, hardware support is first withdrawn and then later, software support. Why does an OEM withdraw support? First, and foremost, the OEM's main objective is to sell new equipment. By discontinuing support for a product, they hope to push a customer into a technology refresh. But CDS can help you escape this cycle.

As the world’s largest provider of third party EMC support, CDS is your perfect partner for continuing EMC software support.

Contact us todayto learn more about EMC software support services and to get an understanding of just how much you could save without sacrificing the quality of support you receive.