CDS have many years experience of providing OEM-class EMC ® third party support to enterprise organisations, looking to extend the lifespan of their post warranty storage systems. We are now the largest provider of third party EMC support anywhere in the world. Our OEM-trained and qualified engineers deliver EMC third party maintenance of the highest standard that keeps your critical business systems on line, and dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership.

CDS third party maintenance covers EMC products that have officially reached end of life, allowing your business to realize additional return on investment by extending lifecycles by up to three years.

EMC third party support provisions

Choosing to partner with CDS for EMC maintenance and support ensures you get the same level of support you would expect from EMC direct, but at a fraction of the cost:

  • 7x24 EMC storage support maximizes uptime and reduces outages
  • A choice of SLAs to meet the specific needs of your organisation, from next business day (NBD) to 4-hour onsite, customizable down to each item of hardware
  • Year round proactive monitoring to maintain system health using our unique Raytrix ESS suite
  • Unlimited service calls included with every EMC third party maintenance agreement
  • Original OEM replacement parts delivered and fitted on site by our experienced engineers, with onsite response times as low as just 2 hours
  • Hardware upgrade planning and implementation to help fulfill your expansion plans

Lowering the cost of EMC maintenance

When EMC hardware reaches manufacturer EOL, sales reps will advise immediate replacement, even if the system continues to function perfectly. CDS offer your business a far more cost effective solution – an EMC third party maintenance agreement that supports post warranty equipment, thereby extending its lifespan.

Using third party support services from CDS customers have realized savings of up to 50% on the OEM equivalent service, helping to boost the return on hardware investment. Our maintenance services allow you to keep using equipment for as long as it continues to meet your business data needs, allowing you to divert cash savings to other strategic projects.

EMC third party maintenance – the CDS difference

CDS delivers a post warranty support and maintenance services that is designed to exceed the expectations of our customers with:

  • Direct helpdesk access to OEM-certified Level 3 engineers means no call escalation hurdles to negotiate and minimizes the time to fix
  • One contact for every technical support call – the engineer answering your call will take full responsibility for seeing the right fix is delivered as soon as possible
  • Instant replacement hardware authorization – we empower our engineers to authorize spare part swaps whenever needed so that bureaucracy does not increase downtime
  • Industry beating call response times – technical support calls to the CDS operations center are answered and resolved promptly.

Third party EMC support from CDS is not only cost-effective, but could deliver a whole new level of service to keep your business running smoothly.

Contact us todayto learn more about 3rd EMC party maintenance services and to get an understanding of just how much you could save without sacrificing the quality of support you receive.